Story of the Weird Cult-Favorite Deadly Premonition Earning a Sequel

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Launched in 2010, Deadly Premonition soon became everyone’s favorite and one of the most divisive new video games. And now in 2020, this cult favorite has released a sequel which is named as Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise. When Grand Theft Auto 3 became famous in 2001, everyone started developing open-world games. While some studios became successful in their attempt, like Volition with Saint’s Row, others were slammed and flushed by the public, like True Crime: New York City. Similarly, the Japanese studio Access Games who made Deadly Premonition, stood out because nobody else thought of making a free-roaming adventure quite like them.

Story of the Weird Cult-Favorite Deadly Premonition Earning a Sequel

Access was founded as a graphics company, but it later came to game development with 2003’s Spy Fiction, which was driven by designer Hidetaka SWERY Suehiro. SWERY later started working on an action game inspired by The X-Files called Rainy Woods, for PlayStation 2. At that time the game got canceled, but later in 2010, it came out as Deadly Premonition from publisher Ignition on Xbox 360. Initially, it wasn’t exactly a success, but because it was a cult classic, it never went faceless. And after a decade, it is ready with a sequel to release on Nintendo Switch.

About the Game

The game is highly inspired by David Lynch’s 90’s TV classic ‘Twin Peaks’. In this game, the players follow an FBI agent Francis York Morgan who travels to a small town named Greenvale to investigate the murder of a teenage girl. After arriving there, he finds out that the town is going through a battle between good and evil, represented by a malevolent tree that drops red seeds. Consuming these seeds turns people into crazy murderers. As you go around the town and meet the strange citizens, you also follow York’s orders in unusual and exciting ways.

Deadly Premonition was not a perfect game, the graphics were “last generation”, the combat system wasn’t fun, and the music seemed shaky, but somehow it sticks in your head after playing. Initially, only 50,000 units were sold in the first three months after release at a $20 retail price but later, it got really popular.

The Return

The last few years have seen David Lynch coming back to Twin Peaks for a third season and it’s only acceptable that Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise would take some inspiration from it. The new edition starts in the present-day Boston, where FBI Agent Aaliyah Davis is investigating a murder. Players will also get flashbacks of York in Louisiana which is a small town with some familiar red trees.

Out of many similarities that Deadly Premonition shares with Twin Peaks one is the concept that personality can be altered by trauma. In the return, players can witness Dale Cooper caught up in the Black Lodge while his doppelganger and a clean copy called Dougie, walks the Earth. York in the first edition narrates his explorations to a hidden partner named Zach, who later turns out to be the original ‘person’ in York’s body. Thus, York is simply a character created by past trauma.  Let’s see how much the new game lets you dig into the concept.

Even though the first part of Deadly Premonition was not a big commercial success, it is also to be considered that the gaming world has changed a lot over a decade. Now, SWERY has solidified himself as a creator who has an individual voice. He now brings outputs to the market regularly, irrespective of how weird they are.

However, it is still a question if Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise will be able to hit us with the same amount of creepiness and absurdity that the original one did. Not to ignore, even the release of this game is a miracle in itself. Now that games are extremely group-focused and patched in a way that is smooth and easily digestible for the mass market, it is good that some publishers are still out there who are willing to take chances on something like this.

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