Predators 2 Story Details Reveal Scrapped Sequel To 2010 Movie

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The co-writer of Predator Alex Litvak shared that they have an idea of a potential Predator 2, revealing what could the unmade sequel serves to its audiences. Predator is a science-fiction action franchise centered around the encounter of humankind with a race of extraterrestrial species known as the “Predators”. The series was distributed and produced by 20th Century Fox. The first installment of the franchise was released in 1987 as Predator which was directed by John McTiernan. Then the team released three sequels including Predator 2 in 1990, directed by Stephen Hopkins; Predators in 2010, directed by Nimrod Antal; and The Predator in 2018, directed by Shane Black. There are numerous comics, novels, and video game spin-offs related to the movie. Predator 2 was given newly instituted NC-17 due to excessive violence. It was later rated R by Motion Picture Association of America, and it went through re-cut to meet the theatrical length.

Predators are coming again with its sci-fi classic horror action starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, but with a more extensive scale and a bigger budget. The movie will be a quasi-sequel of the 1987 original film. The plot depicted a group of mercenaries who had to fight against an alien race in a weird jungle to survive. Predators did a great business in the box office and collected a gross $127 million worldwide against the budget of $40 million. Producer Robert Rodriguez and director Andrien Brody expressed their interest in creating the sequel and actor Adrien Brody is also eagerly looking forward to the project. The sequel of Predator that was released in 2014 was made without the involvement of Brody and Rodriguez. The movie of 2018 titled The Predator was not also a direct sequel of the previous film and ignored all the events from the original.

The co-writer of the film Predators, Alex Litvak, shared in an interview with AvPGalaxy about the views and concepts for the movie sequel. He said that the plot of the film depicted the protagonist Isabelle and Royce, the characters who survive from the 2010 sequel of the film. And they are trying to fight against the creepy alien enemies on a Predator ship. Alex explained that at the end of Act One, the team was captured by Super Predators, and they are trying to break out. So the movie will be all about Die Hard on a Predator ship. He also explained how the heroes turned tables on the Predators and took over the alien spaceship.

Through his interview, fans can assure themselves that the film is going to be an ultimate sci-fi action movie. The underproduction Predator 2 will serve some fantastic twists and turns and some great fighting scenes between the mercenaries and the Predators. Litvak also shared that the film would end with the team returning to the Earth and were 300 years away from the planet. The twist will open new gates for more sequels in the future.

Although Fox wanted to reboot the series rather than following the same storyline in 2010 which might not prove to be the wisest move, the Predator received mostly negative reviews from critics as well as from audiences than the previous movies of the franchise. So the proper sequel of the Predators might not take place. However, even the idea of the hypothetical film is exciting. The franchise still has its fans who are waiting for the climax of the movie that has left unfinished. Nowadays, Predators is considered as one of the best sequels of the franchise. Predators end on a cliffhanger, and hence a sequel would be a good idea to succeed in the film.

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Source: Predators 2 Story Details Reveal Scrapped Sequel To 2010 Movie

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