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                                               SPIN MODULES: FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS

The Spin Modules SM-150 are the ideal decision for manual and self-loader covering of thin layers. They are utilized for substrates with no or low surface structures. All business photoresists and covering materials can be covered homogeneously on wafers up to 150mm (6 inches) or 127x127mm (5x5 inch) substrates. The procedure chamber is intended for a distance across of up to 176mm.


The SM arrangement is persuading because of its abnormal state of consistency and repeatability, combined with simple activity and open to taking care of. So as to keep the cleaning exertion for the procedure chamber to a base, SAWATEC has built up a far reaching and great esteem bowl defender. This bowl defender is anything but difficult to evacuate and discard once the procedure has been finished. Because of the excellent outline, the upkeep exertion is negligible. In this manner, the SAWATEC turn modules are specially utilized for research centers, R&D, pilot undertakings and establishments.

The high-accuracy, great esteem instruments are accessible both as versatile seat best and seat mounted units.


•Up to 50 programs with 24 fragments each can be customized

•Quick begin work for rehash forms

•User-accommodating procedure setup with touch screen board

•Process parameters: speed, quickening, time

•Rotational heading can be chosen (CW, CCW)

•Manual stacking and emptying of the substrates

•Substrate obsession by means of vacuum and security interlock insurance

•Manual cover with wind current bay and sensor bolt control

•Acoustic flag when the procedure has wrapped up

Execution DATA

•Speed run: 0 to 10'000rpm +/ - 1rpm

•Speed increasing speed: 0 – 8'000rpm out of 0,8 sec. /0 – 10'000rpm of every 1 sec.1)

•Delay: 10'000rpm – 0 out of 2,5 sec. /8'000 rpm – 0 of every 0,8 sec. 1)

•Process time up to 2376 seconds

•Dosing time 99 seconds/section



•Semi-programmed cartridge apportioning framework, 50ml glass syringe with manual administering arm and distribution work

•Manual nitrogen (N2) cleanse of the procedure chamber

•Start/stop foot switch for simplicity of activity (link length 1.8m)

•Bowl gathering made of anodised aluminum

•Bowl defender made of aluminum or PE

•Vacuum pump for SM-150 module

•Wafer arrangement device 2" – 6" (round)


For idealize covering comes about, the turn hurls are provided in various sizes, materials and plans. Contingent upon the application, one-piece or two-piece turn throw sets with optical centering help are utilized. To guarantee that the turnaround side of the substrate does not wind up sullied, it is the critical to choose the ideal turn toss size and particular throw plan. Supplanting the turn hurls is simple and does not require any devices.

•Vacuum hurl example

•Vacuum hurl 1" to 3" round

•Vacuum hurl 100mm (4") to 150mm (6")

•Vacuum hurl 100x100mm (4"x4")

•Vacuum hurl 125x125mm (5"x5")

•Further hurls on ask

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