V- Cone flow meters - An advanced differential pressure flow meter technology.

by Prakash Ravi Digital Marketing Executive


V cone differential flow meter is an instrument that accurately measures flow over a wide range of Reynolds numbers, under all kinds of conditions and for a variety of fluids. It operates on the same physical principle as other differential pressure-type flowmeters, using the theorem of conservation of energy in fluid flow through a pipe.

V-Cone diff­erential pressure flowmeter is a process control and multi‑fluid meter that provides accurate, repeatable and cost optimized measurement solutions.


The V-Cone flow meter is a differential pressure type flowmeter. Basic theories behind differential pressure type flowmeters have existed for over a century. The principal theory among these is Bernoulli’s theorem for the conservation of energy in a closed pipe.

Bernoulli’s theorem states for a constant flow, the pressure in a pipe is inversely proportional to the square of the velocity in the pipe.


1.    High accuracy:

The V-Cone flowmeter primary element can be accurate to ±0.5% of reading and it can be accurate to ±1.0%. The level of accuracy is dependent to a degree on application parameters and secondary instrumentation.

2.    Repeatability:

The primary repeatability exhibits excellent repeatability of ±0.1% or better.

3.    Turndown:

The typical turndown for a v cone flow meter is from 10 to 1.Greater turndowns are attainable. Flows with Reynolds numbers as low as 8000 will produce a linear signal.

4.    Long-term performance:

The contoured shape of the cone constricts the flow without impacting the flow against an abrupt surface. A boundary layer forms along the cone and directs the fluid away from the beta edge. This means the beta edge will not be as subject to the usual wear by unclean fluids, as is the case with an orifice plate. The beta ratio will then remain unchanged and the calibration of the meter will be accurate for a much longer time.

5.    Signal stability:

Every Dp meter has a “signal bounce”. This means that even in a steady flow, the signal generated by the primary element will fluctuate a certain amount.The V‑Cone forms very short vortices as the flow passes the cone. These short vortices create a low amplitude, high-frequency signal.


  • Oil & Gas Downstream
  • Gas processing - Butane - O2 - CO2 - Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Oil & Gas Upstream and Midstream
  • Wastewater
  • Municipal water
  • Pharmaceutics


V Cone flow meters are one of the best-performing instruments of their kind.It can accurately evaluate your flow application and specify the best flow detection technology for your specific flow condition.

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