Solitaire Card Games for Children

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Have you ever wondered what to do with your not so little ones especially at this time of reduced movement? You have tried all the indoor games but it is starting to get boring and monotonous. What do you do then? The answer could be lying within your reach - Solitaire. This is known to be an entertaining game for all ages. Playing Solitaire Game  can be as equally hooked by it as adults. It helps them think through things and even stimulates their brains to solve problems. Commonly, children are quick to grasp instructions and understand rules easily. Therefore, they will not have a hard time accepting this game.

More about Solitaire

Solitaire is a card game played using a deck of 52 cards.  By the way, it can be played by one person or by a group of people. The intention is normally to win, and the winner is determined by how one moves the cards across the tableau. In particular, it is an old game that started in Germany before spreading to Britain and then to the USA. It is now a much-loved game all over the world.

How Will This Game Benefit Children?

Apart from having lots of fun, classic Solitaire will teach children valuable lessons in life. Such include the spirit of sportsmanship where the loser acknowledges and congratulates the winner. Other lessons include resilience, Developer Website , and strategy. This will go a long way in creating future responsible adults. Besides its ease to use, Solitaire online has amazing features that children will for sure like. You can easily change the theme and style of your background to suit the gamer and his/her preference.

Some of Best Solitaire Card Games Recommended for Children:

1.      Klondike Solitaire

This is a beautiful game that is easy enough to be played by the little ones. Such an easy version is smooth to play and its instructions are very easy to understand. The cards in the tableau columns are built in from the King to the Ace using alternate colors and involve utilizing black then red and vice versa. The end goal is to form foundations by suit in the ascending order. Points are earned for different actions. An example could be a card you lay on the foundation for the very first time. 

2.      MiniGames

Mini Solitaire games online are uniquely designed to fit the younger age group. At least one person can play Solitaire this way. Children can comprehend it fast because of its simplicity. These games, like the puzzles, are educational, enriching, and enlightening to the young ones. This makes them must-try!

3.      Free Solitaire

What better way for children to be entertained than with their friends. Now, they have a good excuse to call their friends over for a game party. Free Solitaire like Solitaire Masters is available on the internet and can be played online or offline.


Children need not be exempt from the joy of playing Solitaire. It is one of the card games that can give them the ultimate joy and pleasure. Download these Solitaire card games for your kids or have them play solitaire online for an awesome experience.

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