Solitaire^ - Play this Incredible Card Game to Exercise Your Brain

by Kristina Williams SEO

Solitaire must usher in a sense of nostalgia in you. I can understand that since it is one of those games that most of us grew up either playing or hearing about. You can thank Microsoft for introducing this traditional card game on a digital platform with Windows back in the 1990s. The craze and popularity of this game, since then, has only risen with every passing day. It is mostly a single-player game with multiple variants available. The three most popular variants are Klondike, FreeCell and Spider Solitaire.

But of late, there are many versions of this legendary game with slightly different game-play and rules. Of all those solitaire games, Camel Motion has recently launched its brand new version of the game—Solitaire^. It is one of the best versions with many striking features. It is a refreshing take on the card game, keeping in mind the basic essence of the traditional game of Solitaire.

What is Solitaire all about?

To put it briefly, it is a tabletop card game that involves a deck of 52 cards. Your main task is to arrange the cards in a particular fashion bearing the rules in mind. From Ace to King, arrange the cards and then build the card pack onto the foundation pile. You win the game once you deal with all the cards.

So, how is Camel Motion’s Solitaire^ different from all other solitaire games available today? This is what you are about to find out. Let’s begin.

Unique Features:

1. It has some really aesthetically pleasing themes and backgrounds that heighten the gaming experience for you on the whole. The themes are customizable so you can choose any of your choice.

2. Game sounds pronounce the overall feel of the game in general. This app has interactive game sounds that you can turn off and on as per your accordance.

3.    Challenges in a game make it more exciting and keep you on the edge at all times. You can customize and limit the number of moves for you to make it more challenging.

4.   There is a Standard Scoring feature in the game where you set your score if and when you want to compete with yourself.

5.  There is a Hint feature that gives you cues whenever you need help with moves.

6. A Statistics Board will help you keep track of your performances in the game.

7.     The card covers in this game are really attractive. They have some interesting motifs carved on them to pull you to the game.

8.    You may make a wrong move, and wish to undo it. You can do so with the help of the Undo feature.

How do you arrange the Cards?

1.     It is a prerequisite to make a foundation pile in the beginning. You will need 4 piles of cards for your foundation pile from Ace all the way to King.

2.     Place the first card face-up followed by the remaining 6 cards which are face-down right next to it. Next, you pull another card face-up on top of the first face-down card. This has to continue until each pile has a minimum of one face-up card and the left pile has one card until it is 7.

3.   These cards that you just set up will form the tableau column for you.

4. Now create a stockpile from the remaining cards. This stockpile helps you in the game when you run out of moves.

Basic Game Rules:

1.  First things first. Transfer all your cards to the foundation pile.

2. Keeping the game rules in mind, move the cards between columns between piles. For instance, card 6 should be on top of card 7, and so on.

3.  Now deal with the top card of each tableau onto more than one foundation pile.

4.   Your next step is to arrange cards in alternate colors on the tableau. For example, if the top card is red, the card below should be black.

5.  While filling in the foundation pile, do so in an ascending order. Moreover, try to match the right suit of cards as you do that.

6.     Remember that once you use up all your cards on one of the 7 piles, fill in the empty spot with a King. Only a King can take that place.

7. Stockpiling is important when you run out of moves. However, if it proves to be of no use to you, mode the card to the waste pile or “talon”.

Keep Tab on your Score:

Keeping a track of your score helps you understand your game better so that you may improve on it. Each move has a point assigned to it.

·        Waste to Foundation has +10 points

·        Waste to Tableau has +5 points

·        Foundation to Tableau gets you +15 points

·        Tableau to Foundation has +10 points

·        Turnover Tableau Card has +5 points


Solitaire is a great game if you know how to play it. It has many added benefits to it as well. It can improve memory power, stimulate your brain and develop cognition in you. You can play it all by yourself without having the need to tag a friend. Download Solitaire^ from the App Store and extract the most out of it.

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