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Klondike is one of the popular versions of the solitaire game, after all, it was the first to trigger the massive popularity of this card game. The most popular Solitaire Classic Klondike shares many similarities with Solitaire, as it is designed to be played by a single player. Solitaire Classic Klondike is so popular that when the word solitaire is used, it invariably refers to this game only. The game makes use of a 52-card deck, and the player has to arrange them by suit, starting with the Ace, and ending with the King, on empty areas, known as foundations. After thoroughly shuffling the deck, 28 cards are dealt face down from the tableau, consisting of 7 columns. 

The cards in Solitaire Classic Klondike are dealt into 7 piles in the game arena, all facing down, except for the upper one in each pile. In order to access and reveal the cards at the bottom, the players have to build sequences and move them within the piles. Sequences in the tableau for Solitaire Classic Klondike are built in descending order, from King to Ace, with alternating colors. Only Kings can be moved into empty spaces on the tableau. The remaining cards that were not put into the piles are arranged in a stockpile that can be called into play to help players build their sequence. 

Rules of Solitaire Classic Klondike 

As each Ace becomes available, it may be transferred to a row above the tableau to start one of the four foundations, which are built in ascending suit sequence to the King. The exposed cards of a tableau column may be transferred to a foundation of the same suit, in case it follows the ascending sequence, or the exposed card of another column in case it forms a descending sequence of alternating colors. A completely packed column of face-up cards may also be transferred to the exposed card of another tableau column, provided the join follows the same descending sequence of alternating colors. 

When the movement of a tableau card exposes a face-down card, it is turned face up. Once the tableau column is completely cleared out, the vacated space can only be filled by a King or packed column, to be headed by a King. When all moves from the tableau are exhausted, the top three cards from the stock are dealt face up, without upsetting their order, to a single waste pile. The top exposed card of the waste pile of Solitaire Classic Klondike is always available for play to the foundations of the tableau. When the whole stock has been exhausted, it is picked up and turned over to form a new stock, and the game continues. 

Competitive elements in Solitaire Classic Klondike 

Homa brings to you Solitaire Classic Klondike daily challenges that provide a new and exciting experience for players everyday, keeping the game fresh and enjoyable for the players. In addition to daily challenges, Solitaire Klondike Classic by Homa also offers events for players to participate in. These events by Homa add a competitive element to the game and allow players to compete against each other for prizes and rewards. 

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