Solid Reasons That Support Tyre Rotation

by Phillips Tyres tyres retailers

Your tyres are not going to serve you forever because of ageing and other reasons. However, experts are sure that you can increase the lifespan to a certain extent by maintaining them appropriately.

On the other hand, poor maintenance will reduce the life of your Tyres Oxford because of the effects of tyre damaging factors.

There are several maintenance steps you must take to make sure your tyres always perform appropriately on the roads.

Tyre rotation is one of these critical tyre maintenance steps. You believe it or not but just rotating your tyres will help you prevent uneven tread wear.

Rotate your time to time because regular tyre rotation prevents uneven tread wear. Moreover, tyre rotating increases the lifespan of your tyres as well.

Experts advise that you should rotate your tyres after every six months or 6000 miles, whichever is applied.

Tyre rotation means you have to refit your tyre at a different axle at regular intervals.

Why Do You Need Tyre Rotation?

As a general fact, your front tyres are going to wear at a faster rate in comparison to rear tyres. Therefore, if you install your tyres in different axles for a certain time repeatedly, you will save your tyres from uneven tread wear.

Only your front tyres face extra pressure while the driver is trying to turn his car. Therefore, if you use all your tyres as front tyres one by one, you will be successful in keeping the wearing rate almost the same for all the tyres.

Similarly, changing the sides of the tyres is helpful since the inside edges of tyres wear faster than the outer edges. Thus, changing the sides of the tyres will save both edges from fast wear and tear.

Uneven tread wear of the tyres will create a problem if any of your front tyres are bald and you have to replace it with new tyres. At the same time, your read tyres are ready to be with you for more years.

In this condition, you have to drive your car with unmatched tyres. unmatched tyres may affect your control over your vehicle.

The rules for tyre rotation wheels may vary for different types of vehicles. Therefore, you have to consider the type of your car before you change the position of your tyres.

Tyre Rotation For A Front-Wheel-Drive:

Front tyres go to the back without changing the sides but rear tyres become front tyres and switch as well.

Tyre Rotation For A Rear-Wheel-Drive:

The two read tyres become front tyres and do not switch their sides. And, front tyres go to the rear after changing the sides as well.

Tyre Rotation For A Four-Wheel-Drive:

Here, both sets of tyres change both position and sides. Therefore, both front tyres go to the back and change sides. Similarly, both rear tyres become front tyres after changing the sides.

Directional Tyre Rotation

The rules we have mentioned are not valid for directional tyres. directional tyres are designed in such a way that they can be installed to either left or right axle and switching the sides of these tyres is not possible.

In brief, these Nexen Tyres Oxford may switch positions but not sides.

If you are not sure about the proper rotation of your tyres, you may visit a reliable service centre for proper tyre rotation according to your vehicle.

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