All About Tyre Rotation

by The Tyreman Tyres Cheltenham

Taking care of your car tyres is your duty as a responsible car owner. However, not all car owners are careful enough to know about the different practices they must do to keep the tyres in the best shape. Although most drivers make sure the tyres are inflated with appropriate pressure, there are still some ways through which you can enhance the durability of the tyres for a prolonged period. 

Tyre rotation is one such practice that involves changing the position of front and rear car tyres to ensure even tyre wearing. The process of moving the tyres from one position to another is to keep up with the even wear off of the tyres. Thus, when you replace the tyres, you can get all of them replaced together at one time. In this blog, you will find more about tyre rotation and why one must do so to ensure the prolonged life of the tyres. Stick with the blog until the end to find out more.


Why Is Tyre Rotation Necessary?

Tyre rotation ensures long life and extended durability. When vehicle owners do not rotate the tyres of the car, they tend to wear off sooner than expected. It will also cause you to replace and purchase a new set of Tyres Cheltenham every once in a while. 

However, if you rotate the tyres of your vehicle at regular intervals, you will get a prolonged life. Since tyres are an expensive purchase, you must look after the condition every once in a while. If not, you will perhaps face early signs of wear and tear, improper performance and lack of grip from your vehicle. 

How Often Should You Rotate The Tyres?

Since each vehicle is different from the other, it is always recommended to look for the most suitable timing for your tyre rotation in the user manual or ask the manufacturer. However, certain criteria remain the same for most vehicles. When the car covers around 6000 to 8000 miles, giving a suitable average, you can visit the garage for tyre rotation. On the other hand, if your vehicle is on the go for a longer period and in short intervals, you might need to rotate the tyres early. 

Such is also the case when your vehicle has to carry heavy loads or run at higher speeds. These are some of the factors that can put a strain on the car and its efficient functioning. Therefore, a timely visit to a garage will help you get an idea of when to get the tyres of your vehicle rotated. 

Front and Rear Tyres

Most people are often confused about whether the front tyres wear off faster or the rear ones. If you have such confusion, fret not, you are about to find out what goes on. The weight and strain of the vehicle is placed on the front Goodyear Tyres Cheltenham because the braking and the steering forces of the vehicle are felt through the front tyres. 

Since the weight of the whole vehicle is carried by the front tyres mainly, the front tyres are quicker to wear off than the rear ones. Because of this reason, most people tend to replace the front set of tyres before the rear ones tear off. Therefore, it is when you can try the technique of tyre rotation. It will enable you to get an even wear off of all the tyres, resulting in the replacement of both front and rear tyre, at the same time. 

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