What is tyre rotation and how is it beneficial for your vehicle

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Getting a good set of the tyre is no doubt very important for a vehicle, but what is more important is maintaining it regularly.


A tyre needs perpetual maintenance to work without any issue. To do so, one must make sure to practice a few maintenance habits which are essential for better performance. Like checking tyre depth, pressure, treads etc. One of the most crucial among them is tyre rotation. Tyre rotation means changing the position of a tyre with other tyres on a vehicle. The rotation of the tyre makes sure that the tyre wears out evenly. The rotation usually involves movement of front tyres to the rear and the rear tyres to the front.


There are many patterns for the rotation of tyres, but one should always follow the pattern which is highlighted in the owner’s manual.

The tyres should generally be rotated after every 5000 miles. But there are some exceptions as well. For instance, Land Rover Tyres Northampton needs rotation after 7000 miles. So the need for rotation varies according to the model of the vehicle 5000-7000. It is thus advisable to follow the owner's manual which would state the procedure for rotation depending upon the vehicle. 


Why rotating a tyre is so important?


Tyre rotation is important for providing the right balance, and it must be done on a regular basis. It helps in even wearing, keeping the quality of tread maintained. Rotating a tyre also helps in giving better braking performance and comfortable driving experience.


Which pattern should one use?


Well, that pretty much depends on the tyre. One should be careful while rotating a tyre as there are a number of factors to look at like—directions, sizes, front-wheel, four-wheel etc.

Tyre wears according to the vehicle’s drivetrain and location. 

The front-wheel-drive vehicles would have front tyres wear out more quickly than rear tyres. So the correct way to rotate the front-wheel-drive vehicle's tyres is by rotating the front tyres to the rear tyres, and the rear tyres to the front tyres. While moving rear tyres to the front, they should be placed on opposite sides of the car. 

The rear-wheel-drive is more balanced and supportive. Here, the rear tyres give power, and the front tyres do the steering. Since different tyres perform different functions, it becomes essential to rotate them. 

The rotation in the rear-wheel-drive is exactly the opposite of the front-wheel drive. The rear tyres should be moved to the front and placed on the same side.

Front tyres should be moved to the rear tyre and must be placed on the opposite sides.

For All wheel drive, the maximum tread depth is 2/32 inch. The process of rotation of all-wheel drive is the same as the process of the rear-wheel drive. 

The front tyres wear more quickly than the rear tyres, so rotation must be performed more often.

Tyre rotation does sound like an easy process and it can be done at home as well. According to Superior carskeeping some of the important strategies in mind, tyre rotation can turn out to be a quick DIY procedure!

There are some tools that are needed like jack stands, wheel chocks, torque wrench, and of course a levelled work area to perform better. Apart from it, one should follow some rules as well—

Tyres Northampton should be carefully analysed for any tread or sidewall damage. Inner and outer sidewalls must be checked. 

•The date of a tyre must be check to ensure safety. Manufacturers recommend not using tyres that are older than six years. Check the last four digit of DOT code to determine tyre’s age. 

• The torque wrench should be used while tightening the lug nuts. This mounts the wheel properly. Lug nuts should not be too tight or loosen. The tightening specification varies between 75 to 100 pound-feet of torque. 

• Air pressure must be checked and adjusted after performing a rotation.

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