Some Common Mistakes Made During The Wheel Mounting And Wheel Balancing

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Some Common Mistakes Made During The Wheel Mounting And Wheel Balancing

Wheel mounting and Wheel balancing are two very important parts of vehicle maintenance. They should be done properly for the vehicle to perform at an optimum level. A well-maintained vehicle lives a long life and saves you from unnecessary and untimely repair costs.

However, some common mistakes are usually made while doing the wheel mounting and Wheel Balancing Oxford work. These errors can be avoided by keeping the following things in mind.

Mounting problems

Check the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Most garage professionals do not find it necessary to check the TPMS. They right away start to do wheel mounting. This increases the chances of the owner accusing you of damaging the system even if it was already damaged. 

Not properly handling the reverse mount wheels

The Reverse mount adapter should be carefully used so no scratches occur on the wheel’s surface. These scratches may later take the form of rust and your wheels can get damaged. Also, make sure that you use jaw protection while clamping

Use an ample amount of lubrication 

Either you are mounting or removing the wheels, they should be properly lubricated for smooth movement. Excessive and very less lubrication can cause vibration problems. This can also lead to tyre - wheel slippage. Not using the correct amount of lube can further lead to leakage and corrosion.

Hold the bead correctly

The bead should never be held in the drop centre using hand-held bars. In case you drop the bar or it slips your hands, it will cost you a lot. The tyre should be held with the help of an assistant or another person into the drop centre while you mount the upper bead. Hand-held bars are most likely to slip out of your hand and make heavy damages.

Balancing Problems

Outside coning

Wobbling and run-out can occur if you use an outside cone. What you can do is put a cone on the backside of the assembly and use the plate of an apt size by centering it on the lug holes. The objective of using a cone is to provide centering. 

Use of second-hand wheel weights

You should never reuse a used clip. Once used, it loses all the qualities of a new clip. These loose clips can easily fall off and this may cause vibrations.

Residual static imbalance

Once you have dynamically set the assembly balance to zero, the amount of balance left is called residual static imbalance. This may lead to lots of problems and if you don't pay heed to this, the vehicle owner will most likely bring it back for the same repair.

Reducing radial run-out for no reason

You can re-mediate a wheel by placing the high spot of the tyre above the lower point of the wheel. Wheel weights should be repositioned to fix the run-out. 

Incorrect mounting after balancing the assembly

Placing the assembly on the wheel is a daunting task and it may lead to some errors. The assembly should be torqued keeping in mind the manufacturer's specifications. Failing to do so, may lead to vibrations in the vehicle. visit for more


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