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There are a plethora of dietary supplements in the market these days. You need to choose the one that fulfills your health requirements. In this article, for instance, you will get insight into amino supplements. The optimum nutrition amino energy supplementation covers up various health issues.

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Amino acids make up protein. Aminos are therefore called the building blocks of the human body. They are organic in nature. Amino acids are made up of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen. Amino acids are of three different types, namely:

  • Essential amino acids
  • Conditional amino acids
  • Nonessential amino acids

The nonessential and conditional amino acids are made by the human body. However, the essential amino acids depend on outside intake. Hence, a protein-rich diet or amino supplementation is important. The optimum nutrition amino energy supplements contain all essential amino acids. There is a total of nine essential amino acids, namely:

  • Lysine 
  • Leucine
  • Tryptophan 
  • Histidine 
  • Isoleucine 
  • Methionine 
  • Phenylalanine 
  • Threonine 
  • Valine

Amongst these amino acids, there are three which rank at the top. They are together known as branch chain amino acids (BCAAs). BCAAs include three amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Essential amino acids, especially BCAAs are abundantly present in the optimum amino energy supplements.  



Amino acids play various roles in fitness and health maintenance. Here is a short note on the same:

Muscle function

Muscle development is heavily dependent on proper amino acid levels. Amino acids cater to muscle strength and muscle development. Amino acids control the balance between the atrophy and growth of human muscle. Regular amino acid supplements increase the supply of nitrogen to your body. Amino acids also maintain the number of amino acids stored in your skeletal muscles.  

Sports performance

Optimum nutrition amino energy via its rich amino acids improves your sports performance. Amino acid supplementation is actually recommended for sportsmen. Athletes have a high demand for amino supplements. It works best when taken along with a high protein diet. Amino acid and protein together increase muscle growth. The best time is to consume amino acids shortly before or after exercise. Add to that, amino acids also fasten up the exercise recovery period. It improves your overall sports performance.

Blood glucose levels

Amino acids also play an important role in managing blood glucose levels.  Various studies suggest that amino acids are beneficial for blood sugar levels. In fact, people who have type 2 diabetes should definitely take amino acids. It will lower their blood sugar without affecting their insulin levels.

Skin conditions

Amino acid supplements also cater to good looks. People consuming the optimum nutrition amino energy supplements have seen an improvement in their skin condition. They also have improved moisture levels.



As mentioned before, amino acid supplements are vital for muscle building. Here are the muscle-specific functions of the optimum nutrition amino energy supplements:

Increase Muscle Growth

One of the most important function of amino energy is to increase muscle growth. It offers the BCAA, leucine which boosts muscle growth. Leucine activates a pathway that further stimulates muscle protein synthesis. As a result, the process of muscle-making is initiated. In fact, people who take a drink of 5.6 grams of BCAAs after their resistance workout experience a 22% increase in muscle protein synthesis.  Whey protein is also a good source of amino acids. It contains all the essential amino acids and helps in building your muscle. The optimum nutrition amino energy, however, is the best source of BCAAs. It increases muscle protein synthesis like no other supplement could do. Optimum nutrition amino supplements work as a protein as well as an amino source.

Decrease Muscle Soreness

Next, the ON amino supplements decrease muscle soreness. Various researches suggest that amino help decrease muscle soreness post a workout. A strenuous workout does give sore muscles and even ruptures muscles. The ON amino energy supplementation can overcome this issue, especially if you exercise routinely. This post-exercise muscle soreness is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It develops between 12 to 24 hours after a workout. DOMS can last up to 72 hours.

Various researches depict that the actual cause of DOMS is the tiny tears in the muscles after exercise. The optimum nutrition amino energy supplement has BCAAs which decreases muscle damage. BCAAs also help to reduce the length and severity of DOMS.

Add to that, it has also been noticed that amino acids decrease protein breakdown during exercise. Amino acids also decrease the levels of creatine kinase, which indicates muscle damage. In fact, people who take regular BCAA supplementation before a squat exercise have lower DOMS. It’s clearly proven that amino acid supplementation speeds up your recovery time. For best results, take it before an exercise.

Reduce Exercise Fatigue

The optimum nutrition amino energy supplements also reduce exercise fatigue. It is obvious that exercise leads to fatigue and exhaustion.  The intensity and duration of exercise affect your muscle condition. Environmental conditions, nutrition, and fitness level also affect fatigue. No matter which factor is leading to your muscle fatigue, amino acids can help you out. The ON amino acid supplementation maintains BCAA levels in your bloodstream. Amino also manages tryptophan levels in your brain, and thereby controls fatigue.

Recent experiments saw that the ON amino energy supplementation improves one’s mental focus during exercise. As a result, the fatigue level is combated. The prevention of fatigue ultimately improves your exercise performance.

Prevent Muscle Wasting

Lastly, the optimum nutrition amino energy supplements prevent muscle wasting. Amino acids play a significant role in preventing muscle wasting and muscle breakdown.

Muscle proteins follow a cycle. Herein proteins break down and are again rebuilt (synthesized). It is important that the balance between muscle protein breakdown and protein synthesis is maintained. It is this balance that determines the constituency of protein in muscle. If the protein breakdown exceeds muscle protein synthesis, then it will lead to muscle wasting or breakdown. Muscle wasting equals malnutrition. It can even lead to chronic infections, cancer, and is a natural part of the aging process. The ON amino energy offer BCAAs which controls muscle wasting. Do you know that BCAAs constitute 35% of the essential amino acids in muscle proteins? Therefore, maintenance of the BCAA level is important for muscle growth.

Thus the ON amino energy supplementation is highly beneficial. It not only inhibits muscle protein breakdown but also boosts muscle growth. Amino acids improve various other health aspects. Amino acids also prevent chronic diseases. Ultimately you enjoy quality living. 

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