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Amino energy and metabolism go hand in hand. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein which in turn are the building blocks of human body.

In the context of health supplementation, optimum nutrition amino energy are the most effective. The brand, Optimum Nutrition is successfully running from 30 years and has developed a good reputation.


There is a plethora of reasons why the Optimum Nutrition amino energy supplements are preferred so much. Here is a list of the same:

Greater Fat Burn – To start with, the ON amino energy supplements help in reducing weight. They offer BCAA leucine which protects the glycogen of the consumers.

ON amino supplements burn the fat instead. It is great for all those trying to lose some body fat, or people following on a low-carb diet. Consuming amino supplements will help make your body switch to depending on fat for fuel.

Reduced Fatigue – The optimum nutrition amino energy supplements has shown to have the ability to ward off the mental fatigue that often follows up after long workouts.

The process goes something like this: BCAAs levels drops down- leading to increase in tryptophan- which turns into serotonin in the brain- causing feelings of tiredness and mental fatigue. ON amino energy supplements can easily prevent this process, and give you a boost in energy.


Increased Mental Focus – In addition to keeping the tryptophan monster away, the ON amino acid supplements also improve one’s short term memory and processing abilities.

So when you are getting prepared for any competition or exam, it is best to take ON amino supplements are let your mental focus rise up.

Muscle Sparing – Haven’t we all have heard enough of times that exercise damages our muscles? Not just heard, those who are indulged in heavy exercise have also experienced muscle loss.

The more damaged and weakened your muscles will be the more BCAAs will it use to rebuild and get stronger. However, if the muscles fail to rebuild completely then they can actually break down.

In such a scenario ON amino energy supplements can be used for fuel, especially by endurance athletes and all those who routinely exercise in a fasted state.

Such people become caloric deficit and are especially at risk. Amino supplements provide BCAAs, which, in turn, protect your muscle fibers from suffering too much damage.

Improved Recovery – The optimum nutrition amino energy supplements have also proven good in context to increase muscle protein synthesis. These supplements guard one’s muscles.

As a result the consumers can recover from their workouts faster, and get back to their routine with less downtime. It is also important to note that in these periods of rest your fitness improves and ensures that your recovery is complete.

Reduced Muscle Soreness – The next essential advantage of amino energy supplements is a reduction in muscle soreness. The reduction in muscle damage and improved recovery is equivalent to limit the soreness that generally sets in post a strenuous workout.

Improved Performance– Last importance of the ON amino energy supplements to be noted is in relation to physical and psychological aspect. These products speedily improve your overall performance.

It lets your body to respond better to workouts and also make your mind operate more efficiently. Thus more mental focus as well as physical activeness enhances your overall performance.

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