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Optimum nutrition amino energy supplements are the best amongst all amino energy products available in the market. Amino energy is the best of all proteins, the bodybuilding block of the human body. This blog brings into the spotlight the meaning of amino energy supplements and the best products of its kind.


Abbreviated as amino energy, the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) are essential proteins found in the human body. They help one’s muscles to burn ‘protein’ and procure immense energy. Leucine, isoleucine and valine are the three musketeers of BCAA. The reason why optimum nutrition amino energy supplements are the best source of amino energy includes:

·        Quick recovery post strenuous workout

  • ·        Easy growth of muscles
  • ·        Eases out muscle soreness
  • ·        Reduces exercise fatigue
  • ·        Prevents muscle from wasting
  • ·        Reduces the risk of cancer
  • ·        Combats malnourishment
  • ·        Protects people from cirrhosis
  • ·        Treats brain disorder

·        Improves mental function, especially in people with phenylketonuria

Amino energy is also essential for diabetic patients, so yes there are umpteen benefits of BCAA.


When it comes to choosing amino supplements, optimum nutrition amino energy supplements are the best. You can avail of them conveniently at Here are the best of them:

Strawberry cooler: The best optimum nutrition amino energy supplement is this strawberry cooler that helps you to focus more and also renders ample energy. All the bodybuilders take this drink before, during, and after exercise. Furthermore, this strawberry cooler has caffeine from natural sources so yes it keeps you energetic for a long time.

Blueberry lemonade: The name itself is mouth-watering. The optimum nutrition blueberry lemonade is the perfect post-workout drink. It contains crucial amino acids in the form of BCAAs that help you keep up the energy level.

1000- 400 EA: Ok, this product, is the most authentic BCAA 1000- 400 EA. With its unique chemical structure, the optimum nutrition 1000- 400 EA, activates muscle synthesis along with reducing muscle breakdown done which happens after extensive exercise.

Iced chai tea latte: Well that is innovative, iced tea and latte in one. This is a delicious coffee house style amino energy supplement. The role is to smoothen the muscle regeneration process since exercise tends to degenerate muscles quickly. There are micronized free forms of amino acids in this chai latte combo, whereby the amino energy absorption increases.

Blue raspberry: With a bakery like taste, this optimum nutrition blue raspberry is a rich supplier of amino acid. It recovers muscles in addition to providing energy and strengthening focus. This amino energy supplement is manufactured with micronized free form amino acids that help in rapid absorption. You can take it before, during, or after, exercise. The best part is that there is caffeine from natural sources in this blue raspberry amino supplement.

Blueberry mojito: Raise your hands if you have a thing for a mojito! Well, this is the ideal mojito because it has all healthy constituents. It helps in muscle recovery, improving energy, quick production of nitric oxide, and muscle recovery acceleration.

Fruit fusion 65: The optimum nutrition amino energy fruit fusion 65 is a healthy refreshing drink. It supports the recovery of muscles, brilliantly improves focus, and accelerates energy.

There is a long list of amino energy products available on, which you can easily get at affordable prices, and are also convenient to consume. So go to the website and shop your favorite amino supplements.

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