Seven Advanced Household Equipments Powered by Solar Energy

by Pushpendra Singh Digital Marketing expert

Every household spends thousands of rupees each year on electricity. Solar energy provides a sustainable and readily available source of power, but not everyone can afford the heavy upfront installation costs. So, many people do not go for solar rooftop solutions online Bangalore. However, the installation costs should be considered as investments as the solar panels have a lifespan of about 25 years during which they usually do not bring any maintenance costs. Here are seven advanced solar-powered pieces of equipment which every household can benefit from.

1.Solar cell phone charger: Solar cell phone chargers transform solar power into electricity to charge the internal battery of the charger. You can plug into the wall outlet and charge your cell phone while on the go! Though this is not as fast as your conventional charger, it is definitely power saving and is a lifesaver when there is a power cut.

2. Solar window charger: This equipment can be used to power MP3, Mp4, iPod, iPhone and mobile phone. The charger’s outer part traps the sunlight, and its inner part charges your gadget. It is a trendy small-sized equipment available in many alluring colours.

3. Peel-n-stick outdoor solar lights: This outdoor solar light, as its name indicates, is easy to install. You just have to peel and stick it to any surface like glass, metal, wood, bricks, concrete, etc. The light it emits is also bright. You can use it to light up your garden, gate, driveway, garage path, etc. It comes with motion detectors. So, it dims when it detects no motion (this saves power), and increases its brightness when it detects motion.

4. Solar lantern: This is a lightweight, compact and portable lantern powered by the solar energy. It can give bright light for even eight hours. It charges in two hours when the sunlight is abundant. Campers and adventure seekers can make use of this equipment. It is budget friendly too.

5. Solar powered reading lamp: This solar powered reading lamp can be charged with its accompanying USB charger. This lamp is foldable, has touch control, and emits bright light. It is ideal for travelling, camping and other outdoor activities. It is durable and has an eye protective element.

6.Solar wireless keyboard: This wireless keyboard gets charged with any source of light. Those computer users who would like to save electricity that is used by accessories can use this keyboard. It is sleek and elegant and can be charged with either artificial light or sunlight.

7.Solar rooftop: This is the most common solar solution purchased and utilized by Indian households. You can use these to power light bulbs, tube lights, fans and other electrical equipment of your home. You can purchase solar rooftop solutions online Bangalore from manufacturers and dealers who would provide you with a free instalment for the same.

Conclusion: Using solar energy not only saves money, but also electricity which is one of the nation’s most valuable resources. So, consider switching to solar equipment in your household, and even offices and shops!

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