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Every successful brand website has a blog section. It doesn't matter what product or service you sell, you can find a blog somewhere in there. Why may you ask? Blogs drive in more than 97% of inbound links for a website! Now you know why. Blogs are the bread and butter for SEO.  But in the recent years, the blogosphere has been getting a lot of flak. This is because of uninformed website creators who heard somewhere that 'Content Is King' and jumped onto the bandwagon. Blatant plagiarism and unethical means of keyword stuffing have taken a toll on what you might think of blogs. But I am here to tell you that your brand needs a relevant blog. A blog that goes the distance and posts creative original content. Words that have a unique personality behind them are the ones that succeed. Let us look into the ways how we can get your blog to the top!

Strategic content that serves a purpose

Before jumping into fancy words, statistics, keywords, and inbound links - Remember for whom are you doing all this for. Your Audience! Do not forget that. A lot of bloggers get lost in the sphere and forgets their purpose. Every post that you put up should be aimed at benefiting your followers in some way or the other. There is a huge demand for educational posts. Research and learn about their interests and likes. Make sure that your words linger with them and at the end of the day, leaves them with a better idea on the topic than they had before. Always put your flair on the subject and personalize it. Words that sound like something out of a Wikipedia article can be quite boring. Spice it up with some personality in such a way that the readers know who wrote it before even reading the name of the author. 

Great Blog Headlines

Okay, I know that this article has a kind of 'clickbaity' title. Clickbait has gotten such a bad rep these days. This is most noticeable on websites like Buzzfeed where the writers use sensational titles to get better clicks. In my personal opinion, using a title that sparks emotion in your reader is very important. But there are lines you should not cross. Never use misleading titles that are irrelevant to the blog. You can see this all the time in celeb gossip blogs. This is a very cheap way to go about it. Instead of doing that, here is what you should do:

Every time you use such a title - HAVE THE CONTENT TO BACK IT UP! The 7 - 10 words that encapsulate the rest of the 1000 words are not something to be fooled around with. Keep it intriguing and something that arouses curiosity, but not at the cost of leaving your readers disappointed at the end of the article. HubSpot provides a blog ideas generator that can help you with such issues.


Now we are finally stepping into the domain of SEO. Let us begin the SEO game. Every marketer knows that proper usage of keywords is the success for increasing website traffic. But in the recent few months, we have seen a lot of negative comments from the users that some websites are entirely built upon the keywords. Search Engine Traffic is important. Yes, Obviously. But are you willing to sacrifice your human audience for the sake of a Google Crawler? A lot of amateur website developers are involved in the unethical use of keyword stuffing. Don't go down that sad road. Use keywords, but in moderation. Let us see some Dos and Don'ts of Keywords


  • Use keywords in moderation appropriately when needed to get your point across.
  • If you have written something on similar topics make sure you get inbound links for them
  • The structure you post to make sure the relevant keywords are given importance as well


  • Say no to unethical means of SEO like Keyword stuffing
  • Flood your post with loads of outbound links
  • Use bots and other such scripts to get more backlinks


Don't forget the fact that your blog for your audience. User experience is of prime importance.

Words that Last

Neil Patel uses the words Evergreen Posts to describe such blogs. Blogs that stand the test of time and are relevant now and will be for years to come. Make sure that from time to time you take a break from creating trending and viral content. Go back to the drawing board - the basics. Start from scratch and write about the basic foundations and principles of the topic. You might have written an old blog on a similar topic. Instead of reposting the same thing again with just a date change, revolutionize it. This is called relevant repurposing. A blog on what SEO is can be an evergreen post for a digital marketing page. Stop churning out the same words over rand make a niche out of it. New perspectives on age old topics are hard to come by. Reign over this kingdom. Disclaimer warning here, although an evergreen content is a very effective way of driving in search engine traffic, never make it the only thing you do. Whenever you feel you are doing the same thing over and over - pivot!


No one likes a slow website! Especially hot-headed impatient people like me. Patience is a virtue, but not in the world of blog building. No one wants to wait for more than 5 seconds for a website to load. Every second past that mark is deadly ticking clock that is going to turn away a potential audience. Optimize your website to make it load as fast as possible. This should be done without compromising on the dynamic nature of it though. 

A good start would be to go to Google Page Speed Test. This website can give you a point score on your page performance. After that, you can start by compressing the large images. Images can take up a lot of space. Making them optimized for the mobile and desktop can help the load speed a lot. Shortening redundant CSS and JavaScript should be your next step. At the end of it, make sure that your page has a slick look, proper functionality and performs like Elon Musk's finest rockets. 

Now What?

Now that you have all the basic steps to kickstart you blog, don’t stop here. Always keep learning and push your boundaries. The world of bloggers is a very interesting landscape that changes every day. Fresh writing and honest opinions on subjects can interest your readers. Keep it real and you will get you an audience. To learn more checkout Adhuntt, as they help brands and blogs get the audience that they deserve. Till then, Good luck!

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