Rawdah or Sacred chamber in Masjid e Nabvi ﷺ

by Ady Grewal Content writer
Rawdah is the sacred place in Masjid e Nabvi ﷺ where the Prophet ﷺ spend his last days. And after passing away, he ﷺ was also buried at Rawdah. In order to visit Madinah as ziarat of Roza e Rasool ﷺ, the Prophet ﷺ said, “The person who visits me after my death, has similarly visited during my life in the material world. [Tabraani]. And whoever proceeds Hajj in Makkah and makes sure the ziarat of Masjid Nabvi ﷺ, so for him there is the reward of two accepted Hajj. [Daylami].
And when someone recites blessing on me near my Roza (grave), so meanwhile I hear and whoever calls for blessings on me in any place of the ground, his/her every need will be fulfilled not only in this world but hereafter, and the day of Qiyamah I shall be his/her witness as well as intercessor. [Bayhaqi]. 

Yet, numbers of Muslims visit Roza e Rasool ﷺ from all corner of the world after performing the Hajj through cheap Hajj packages Uk to get spirituality. There are also the bodies of Abu Bakar and Umar (RA) are buried nearby the Prophet ﷺ. The looking holes overhead are associated with the faces of the residents of the graves. 
The major hole on the left straight faces the moral face of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). The one in the middle is ranged to the face of Abu Bakr (RA) and likewise, the one on the right is aligned to the face of Umar (RA). Rawdah was also the dwell of Ayesha (RA) which was mostly the living place of Prophet ﷺ. Moreover, the other wives of Prophet ﷺ also dwelled in small, simple huts adjacent to Masjid Nabwi ﷺ. The size of each hut was about 5m x 4m with small verandah and was constructed of unbaked bricks of mud with branches of palm trees to cover the roofs. 

And on the left hut of Ayesha (RA) was the dwell of Hazrat Umm e Saudah (RA) who was the second wife of Prophet ﷺ. The dwell of Hazrat Hafsa (RA) the daughter of Umrah (RA) was on the opposite side which can still preserved after performing the Hajj or Umrah through Top 10 UK Umrah Agents For Umrah Pilgrimage Services the which would help you to visit the Rawdah and many others Islamic places as well. The hut of Hafsa (RA) is now preserved were inside the sacred chamber and part of is used from the devotees for a salutation to the Prophet ﷺ However, there was just constricted street among there huts and hardly one person could walk through that. 

During the reign of Umar Bin Abdul Aziz, five-cornered walls were built to protect from the entrance of anybody to reach inside the sacred chamber. Because several plots were preserved in order to steal the body of Prophet ﷺ particularly during the time of Noor ul din Zangi who perceived the steeling of Prophet ﷺ in his a dream. So, meanwhile, he came towards Madina and made sure sacred chamber with molten lead by digging up the trench all around the Rawdah.

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