Mehrab e Tahajjud in Masjid Nabvi

by Ady Grewal Content writer
Mehrab e Tahajjud was a spot where Prophet ﷺ used to offer the Tahajjud Salah. The spot is located along the northern wall of Fatima’s (RA) house. Later on, Mehrab was constructed to identify the location. The actual Mehrab of Tahajjud is located ten feet behind outer Mehrab. 

Since all the old blessed places have been replaced due to the extension of Mosque, so there is a tough job to find them. However, you must consult the one stop travel umrah specials whenever you visit the spots to recall the facts of such sanctified places. 

Mehrab Tahajjud has been replaced into a bookshelf for Holy Qurans and there is a small door that has been blocked with a bookshelf. Tahajjud platform can be seen from Babe Jibrael through Suffah or Dikkat ul Aghwat to the right.  Babe Jibrael is located on the eastern side of Masjid e Nabvi ﷺ. Since Jibrael (AS) entered from this door with the Divine message (revelation) to deliver to Prophet ﷺ, so that’s why it was characteristically permanent for revelation.

It is mentioned in Bukhari that Hazrat Aisha (RA) stated, “After the battle of Ahzaab, the Prophet ﷺ removed weapons and took a bath. In the meanwhile, Jibrael (AS) came riding a horse and communicated to the Prophet ﷺ very near the doorstep of Bab-e-Jibrael. Jibrael (AS) said to the Prophet ﷺ, ‘You have put away your weapons but we (the angels) are still in battle garbs. So you should follow us to attack the tribe of Banu Quraizah’. Moreover, she added, “I perceived Jibrael (AS) by hearing the cracks in the door of my hut.

Tahajjud platform has also been moved towards north during the time of the extension of the Mosque. It can be seen from the north-west with Mehrab e Tahajjud. Isa Bin Abdullah stated, “When devotees departed at night, so Prophet ﷺ used to spread a carpet behind the house of Ali (RA) and offered voluntary Salah at that spot. However, if you get a chance to visit the Mehrab Tahajjud through 5 star December umrah packages, so you just pray for salvation but not show any kind of activity. No doubt, shirk is worst sin which will not be pardoned at the Day of Judgment. As Allah says in the Holy Quran: (Interpretation) 

Say! "Who is the Lord of the skies and the earth?" Say! Allah." Say! "Do ye then take protectors other than Him, such as have no power either for moral or for harm to themselves?" Say! "Are the sightless equal with those who see? Or the depths of obscurity equivalent with bright?" Or do they allocate to Allah partners who have created (anything) as He has formed, so that the formation seemed to them similar? Say! "(Allah) is the Maker of all things: He is the One, the Highest and Desirable." (Al-Quran, Surah Ar-Rad, 16)

And Satan will say when the matter is definite: "It was Allah Who provided you an assurance of Truth: I too assured, but I unsuccessful in my promise to you. I had no power over you but to call you but ye heeded to me: then rebuke not me, but reproach your own souls. I cannot heed to your shrieks, nor can ye listen to mine. I discard your former act in relating me with Allah. For sinners, there must be a dangerous penalty." (Al-Quran, Surah İbrahim, 22)

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