Reasons to Refraining from Sins and Evils in Religion Islam

by Ady Grewal Content writer
Sin can be something that can eradicate every single great deed a man did in all his years in only a look. All of us ought to know about this. Being a Muslim, we should know about great and awful deeds. There is a thin line to move from great to terrible things in this way, we ought to be extremely cautious about our demonstrations. Committing errors or submitting sins is a piece of human instinct and nobody is free from it. We all submit sins and commit errors. The Last Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said in one of His hadiths, 

"Each child of Adam sins and the best of the individual’s sin's identity the individuals who apologize." (Tirmidhi) 

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Best Reasons to Avoid Sins and Wrongdoings

We should avoid submitting sins and committing errors regardless of the wrongdoing is major or minor. One ought to know about its results and stay away from it. Sin is the terrible news for the person who does it. The following are a few reasons why we ought to maintain a strategic distance from sins: 

1. The person who will submit sins will be denied of provision. The Messenger of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said that. “A person is underprivileged of provision because of the iniquities that he or she commits.” (Ibn Majah) 

2. Things will end up troublesome for the person who submits sins in a way that a man can't draw his consideration towards any matter of his life. The individual who engaged with submitting sins finds the way blocked or troublesome. Then again for the person who fears Allah the Almighty, things are made simple for him. 

3. The person who submits sin or evil will be denied of information since learning is light that Allah the Almighty causes to achieve the heart, and sin stifles that light. 

4. Sin debilitates the individual's self-control. Iniquities steadily reinforce the individual's will to submit sin and debilitate their will to apologize until there is no will in their heart to atone by any means. 

5. Sin is the explanation behind the hardship of love and acquiescence to Allah the Great. Sins keep a man from completing a demonstration of love which is the inverse of transgression and slices off access to different demonstrations of love, that would be sufficiently awful. 

6. When somebody submits sin, a feeling of estrangement divides a man and Allah the Almighty, and furthermore among them and other individuals. 

7. The most exceedingly bad of all is when sin breeds sin until the point when it commands a man and he or she can't escape from it. 

8. The heathens will discover haziness in their heart. This obscurity resembles a visually impaired man who goes out in the dimness of the night, strolling alone. 

9. A miscreant ends up numb or stifle and will never again discover sin appalling, so it will end up being his propensity, and he won't be pestered if individuals see him submitting the wrongdoing or discuss him. 

10. The individual's heart who submit sins gets recolored by transgression, and on the off chance that the wrongdoing builds, the stain becomes greater until the point that it turns into the Raan (covering of transgression and abhorrence deeds), at that point it expands more until the point when it turns into a seal, and the heart ends up secured and fixed because of sins. 

So, we all know that sins are not good for us in worldly as well as eternal life. Allah sent us for some purpose, not for wrongdoings. The purpose of our life is to worship Allah the Almighty and follow His and Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)’s the instruction to choose the right path which leads us to Jannah. May Allah the Almighty shield all Muslim from submitting sins and allow us the way of light and virtue. Ameen!

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