Product Characteristics And Industrial Applications Of Reactive Magnesium Oxide

by Hu Yanchao Magnesium oxide manufacturers in China

Some indexes of active magnesium oxide are different from those of ordinary magnesium oxide.

  For example, active magnesium oxide should have a suitable particle size distribution, with irregular particles or subspherical particles and lamellar crystals in microscopic form.

  Because of its high dispersibility and high activity, it can even be made into fibrous magnesium oxide, which is easy to be compounded with polymers and other materials.

  Because the superfine magnesium oxide has a high degree of dispersion, it can also be used as a filler for paint, cosmetics, paper, as well as a reinforcing agent and filler for rubber and plastics, a variety of electronic materials such as auxiliary materials.

  The activity of magnesium oxide mainly depends on two factors: one is the crystallization of magnesium oxide, the more complete the crystallization, the fewer defects, the more stable, the lower the activity.

  The higher the calcining temperature, the more complete the crystallization of magnesium oxide and the lower the activity.

  The second is the particle size of magnesium oxide. The smaller the particle size, the greater the surface free energy and the higher the activity.

  In China, industrial magnesium oxide is divided into active magnesium oxide and light magnesium oxide.

  In industry, active magnesium oxide is mainly used in FRP, fluorine rubber, medical rubber plug, adhesive and other industries.

  Active magnesium oxide can be used in the adhesive industry, mainly used in the neoprene rubber adhesive, common glue, universal glue, A90 neoprene glue, most appear in the shoe material market and decorative materials market.

  Among them, the activity value of magnesium oxide for FRP is ≥60-120, the activity value of magnesium oxide for fluorine rubber is ≥120-150, the activity value of magnesium oxide for medical rubber plug is ≥150, and the activity value of magnesium oxide for adhesive is ≥150.

  At the same time, Meishen company can also be customized according to different manufacturers, different formulations, different processes, the ratio of suitable special magnesium oxide.

  Ultrafine highly active magnesium oxide is a new type of fine inorganic material with high function.

  In general, ultrafine powder refers to a collection of nanoparticles ranging in size from 1 to 2000nm.

  Due to the fine particles, it has the special properties of light, electricity, heat, chemistry and mechanics which are different from the bulk materials.

  Ultrafine magnesium oxide can be combined with polymer or other materials and has good microwave absorption.

  Because ultrafine powder magnesium oxide can be sintered at low temperature without the use of sintering additives, high density fine crystal ceramics can be made.

  Therefore, ultrafine magnesium oxide powder is expected to be developed into a sophisticated material that can be used under harsh conditions such as high corrosion and high temperature.

  Secondly, ultrafine magnesium oxide powder can also be used as stabilizer and sintering assistant for other nanoparticles such as iron oxide, alumina, zirconia, etc., and then high quality nanometer phase ceramics can be made.

  At the same time, it can also be used as an auxiliary material for various electronic materials.

  In addition, the absorption of iodine value is usually higher than 120mg/g of magnesium oxide divided into high active magnesium oxide, mainly used for fluoro rubber, butyl rubber, neoprene rubber, nitrile rubber activator and promoter, but also adhesive, paint, plastic, paper filler.

  The surface chemical activity of ultrafine highly active magnesium oxide is high, and its adsorbability is strong.

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