The Magic Effect Of Magnesium Oxide In Rubber

by Hu Yanchao Magnesium oxide manufacturers in China

Although magnesium oxide is not an important material in rubber, it plays a very important role.Magnesium oxide can be used as vulcanization agent, surfactant, but also as filler;It can increase the stress of fixed extension of vulcanized rubber and prevent it from burning.It can increase the alkalinity of the rubber material, at the same time have the function of absorbing acid, increase the heat and heat conduction, be advantageous to the improvement of vulcanization speed.

  A, magnesium oxide in containing halogen rubber (BIIR/IIR/CIIR/FKM/CPE/CSM) used in acid absorption agent, surfactant promote vulcanization.

  Two, in neoprene vulcanization agent and active agent, but also anti-coke for use;

  In nitrile butadiene rubber can be used as heat - resistant rubber reinforcement, heat - conducting material.

  Four, in the composite material as a thickener.             

  Five, improve the temperature of rubber, the effect is very obvious.

  Sixth, can increase with the metal skeleton bonding performance, improve the mixing rubber roll;

  Seven, in the halogenated butyl rubber can be used as vulcanization agent;Sometimes as fillers.

  8. Absorption of thermally decomposed free halogens.

  9. Magnesium oxide is often used in alloy rubber. For example, PVC or CM is used to obtain rubber material, which can prevent the product from being short of sulfur.

  As the world's leading supplier of magnesium salt series products, hebei magnesium god technology co., ltd. studied the influence of different brands of magnesium oxide on the vulcanization and mechanical properties of rubber in different rubber, as well as the influence of light magnesium oxide and active magnesium oxide on the vulcanization and mechanical properties of rubber.Studies have shown that the FKM, CPE, CR, CIIR, BIIR, HNBR, NBR, CSM, with active magnesium oxide maximum torque of mixing rubber is greater than the light magnesium oxide mixed glue.The properties of magnesium oxide with the same activity in different rubber also vary.

  Hebei magnesium science and technology co., LTD. Specializes in the development and manufacture of a full range of magnesium salt related products, such as: magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium sulfate, magnesium carbonate and so on.The company has been supplying goods to markets since the beginning of the 21st century.As a global enterprise, we have offices in Europe, America and southeast Asia.The company has the world magnesium excellent mining resources, in Europe and the United States market is very well known, its products are well known in the world market.

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