Does magnesium oxide have an effect on the activity of magnesium oxide?

by Hu Yanchao Magnesium oxide manufacturers in China

Magnesium oxide is used in various fields and has strong advantages in all aspects. It is an indispensable chemical substance. However, if there are more stocks, it will cause the magnesium oxide to expire. Does the expiration affect the activity of magnesium oxide?

Through professional analysis, Meishen Technology Co., Ltd. can answer the question of whether magnesium oxide can be used later.

The first is to conduct a preliminary inspection. Under normal circumstances, magnesium oxide should be a white powder. If the magnesium oxide deteriorates, the color changes. In addition, the whiteness of magnesium oxide is lowered, which also indicates that the activity of magnesium oxide has changed. In addition, if the shape of magnesium oxide can be observed to change significantly (caking, etc.), the properties are not uniform, and it is generally not recommended.

Then look at the storage conditions of magnesium oxide: Magnesium oxide is a substance that is easy to absorb moisture and moisture. If it is not protected from moisture during storage or transportation, it may cause magnesium oxide to degenerate and lose its use value. In daily work, magnesium oxide can be protected from water and deterioration by the following means.

Place a lime block to prevent moisture after the palletizing, which is a method for preventing magnesium oxide from absorbing moisture and preventing activity from decreasing;

covered with plastic film, plastic film on the ground, if you do not want to pour the bag for packaging, you can use this method to prevent moisture;

Since calcium oxide has stronger moisture absorption, it is very effective to place calcium oxide in the warehouse and use it as a moisture-lowering agent to reduce the humidity of the warehouse;

Finally, understand how long it takes for magnesium oxide to exceed its shelf life: How long is the storage time of magnesium oxide? Exceeding the shelf life of one or two months, the difference from the expiration of one or two years is definitely great. The second is whether the magnesium oxide is used in the place where the product of magnesium oxide is important. If it fails, it will cause a big loss. Generally speaking, if there is no obvious change in the appearance of magnesium oxide, we recommend that it is better to re-examine the magnesium oxide. Activity, Magnesium Oxide Detection The activity of magnesium oxide can be determined quantitatively and accurately by professional testing equipment. Make sure that the storage time is too long, resulting in reduced activity and misuse, thus affecting the quality of the manufactured product.

Finally, I hope that everyone will use magnesium oxide as soon as possible within the validity period of magnesium oxide. Otherwise, it will affect the activity of magnesium oxide after expiration. This will directly cause the waste of magnesium oxide. I also hope that everyone can use the high quality of magnesium oxide from Meishen Technology Co., Ltd.

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