Physical Activity Is A Natural Cure to Reduce Kidney Cancer! Myth or Fact?

by Partha Banerjee Partha Banerjee Dubai

Lifestyle choices of any kind affect the way your body functions. In a fast-paced life, most of the activities are dictated by lack of time, fast food, or shorter downtime. Meanwhile, we must find time for ourselves and engage in a healthy lifestyle suggests, Partha Banerjee Dubai. It not only influences the physical wellbeing but also improves mental health.

There have been enough theories that proposed how much does physical activity leads to a reduced risk of disease? This question is particularly surrounded by kidney cancer and the role of physical activity. As kidney cancer happens to be a major reason for concern given the fact that it is the ninth most common cancer in men and the sixteenth most prevalent cancer in women. Not only that, but it is also the sixteenth most likely reason for deaths in both men and women. If the risks of this cancer can be mitigated by exercise, is a question worth asking and it has been asked by scientists around the globe. It has in-turn gathered tons of research from the medical community.

According to a study conducted by the British Journal of Cancer, “Physical activity may decrease renal cancer risk by reducing obesity, blood pressure, insulin opposition, and lipid per oxidation.” There is no hidden fact that obesity is a leading cause of a myriad of diseases like heart disease, blood pressure, and hypertension. Obesity is now linked to kidney cancer as well. Moreover, other factors like diabetes and high blood pressure which in turn also caused due to obesity, contribute to a higher inclination to developing cancer at a later stage.

Obesity was previously had not linkage to cancer but as further studies were conducted, there was a certain correlation that was found. If a person remains active and maintains his or her weight as per their BMI, and indulges in clean eating and avoids smoking and drinking the chances of having cancer reduces significantly confirm Partha Banerjee, Dubai.

According to a Harvard Health Letter, the rates of these cancers in the most active people were 7% - 38% lower, then in the least active people. In this study, over 1.4 million people were included and compared to those who were lightly physically active, and those who were involved in highly active physical action.

Most studies suggest that there is an inverse relationship between exercise and renal/kidney cancer. Which means that exercise does decrease the risk of developing cancer in one’s body. It doesn't mean that you have to start competing in sports events, but it is strongly recommended that you start having an active lifestyle under your doctor's instructions. Partha Banerjee Mumbai suggests that anyone can include either 120 minutes of moderate activity which could be walking, light exercises, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity including running, swimming, or even dancing in their routine. 

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