Permanent relief by Physiotherapy Treatment for Back Pain

by Physios NearMe Physiotherapy

Permanent relief by Physiotherapy Treatment for Back Pain

It is often said that once the body falters or loses its strength due to an accident or disease, it is not possible to bring it back on the same level. Often when athletes break their bone or have a joint dislocation, they opt for a surgery that mitigates the effect but still feel the pain or discomfort. At times we ignore the pain, but soon it aggravates and becomes chronic which can make you bedridden or permanently put a stop on sports.

Back pain is one such condition that if not addressed on time can lead to catastrophic results. The back bone of a person is its frame work and carries the weight of the upper body. There are different types of pain felt by people, and according to severity, one can decide whether they need physiotherapy treatment for back pain or not? Different levels of pain are:

Ø  Some people feel mild aches or dull pain. Initially, this happens when the person is not used to physical activity but starts all of a sudden.

Ø  Some people feel burning and stinging pain slowly doing down to legs and thighs leading to numbing of the area. It can sustain for a day or can continue up to 3 weeks.

Ø  Some people have such severe back pain that they are not able to move or even stand.

Ø  In many cases due to sedentary lifestyle people have back pain due to sitting or standing for long.


People who have mild aches need not worry much as they pain will subside in a week. But people having difficulty in standing or walking or have impaired movements need to consult a doctor now and start with physiotherapy session. Now if you are wondering is there any private physiotherapy near me then don't worry. Physios Near Me has made a comprehensive list of physiotherapists according to their availability area wise, credentials and experienced to help you choose and decide which therapist you need.

The physiotherapist will visit the patient and after analysing the medical history will prescribe the treatment. Many people swear by physiotherapy as it has given them permanent results, but still, people consider it a third world treatment. Some people still doubt the authenticity of this no-pill and surgical treatment as it is time-consuming. But the fact is, physiotherapy works on the base level and resurrects the person from inside. It can also be termed as inner engineering because, with the help of pressurising the pivotal points, it helps to energise the immobilised limbs and bring back movement. Certain points need to be considered while undergoing physiotherapy:

Ø  Let your physiotherapist decide the techniques to be used, the number of sessions per week and duration of meetings.

Ø  Make sure to do regular exercise at home and have a strict control on your diet.

Ø  Exercise should be done in a relaxed and patient manner. These exercises are not too quickly rather make it as lightly and slowly as possible.

Lastly, physiotherapy is a science that aims to heal not just the physical body but also helps in psychological conditions. So if you feel that all medication and treatments have failed; do not lose hope and start with physiotherapy for permanent relief.

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