How Physiotherapy Treatment for Back Pain ensures permanent relief?

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Back pain is on rise and 2 out of every ten are suffering from back pain due to no apparent injury or accident. What causes back pain and how all of a sudden it is leading the race and becoming number one in the list of physical disabilities? Well, to dig into that one has to understand that in the nineties or Eighties people used to rely on physical work for a living but with the change in scenario physical work has taken back seat. So let's explore the reasons of back pain and how Physiotherapy treatment for back pain ensures permanent relief?

Reasons for Back Pain:

Ø  Genetic Factors: The Degenerative disc is a physical disorder that happens by birth and has no explanation why someone was born like this except for genetic factors. With regular physiotherapy session, one can keep up the effects in control and live a healthy life.

Ø  Sedentary Lifestyle: Living a life devoid of physical exercise, wrong posture and lazy lifestyle can lead to back pain. It is often said excess of everything is bad and it holds true for excessive comfortable lifestyle as well. So make sure you make some time for work out or walk every day.

Ø  Occupational Structure: People at sitting jobs can feel that their lower back hurts. It is common with developers, call centre executives, front desk manager and other people who sit and work for straight 8-9 hours. Similarly, people who do not get to sit at all like athletes, construction workers and beauticians can also suffer from back and heel pain.

Ø  Obesity: Obesity is an invitation to all the diseases and physical ailments. It disrupts the immunity and metabolism that leads to malfunctioning of the organs and reduction in flexibility. Often when obese people go for a jog or gym, they tend to over exert themselves which may lead to back pain. Hot and cold treatments and regular massages will help to relax the sore muscles and give much-needed support.

Ø  Pregnancy: Pregnancy is the time when a woman's body changes every day, and there is a shift in hormone profile as well. Carrying an offspring in a body for nine months is not easy, and the burden falls on the back. So while pregnancy, it is normal for the mother to feel pain in the lower back. At the time of pregnancy, massage is not the best option to relieve back pain but keeping hot water bottle will help and give support to the back with a comfortable cushion to avoid any strain. It is also advisable that pregnant woman should continue with physical exercise or walk or prenatal yoga to reduce back pain.

Ø  Old Age: This is the time when the body starts deteriorating and loses its agility. Bones become weak, joints pain and some people also suffer from back pain. It is not advisable at this age to do vigorous exercise, but Physiotherapy session will help to resolve the issue. There are many private physios in London that offer home visits for therapy. Contact them and book your session for permanent relief.

Ø  Others: Accidents, handling weights or over training can strain the back muscles that lead to pain and discomfort. If the pain sustains for more than three weeks, then it is advisable to book an appointment with the therapist before it becomes even worse.

To conclude, physiotherapy is considered a miracle science as it works on the core and cures even prolonged and chronic conditions as well. If you or your near and dear one is suffering from back pain, do not hesitate to contact Physios Near Me for permanent relief.

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