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Are you looking for the new optimum nutrition essential amino energy iced cafe vanilla? If yes, then click on, the leading online health supplements store. It shall deliver your favourite product at the doorstep. There is a hike in the demand for the optimum nutrition amino supplements for health sake. Let us dig in deep to know the reasons of such popularity.


Well, the optimum nutrition essential amino energy iced cafe vanilla, as obvious from the name is a mouth watering health supplement. Just mix it in water and enjoy the vanilla flavoured iced cafe. Available at $18.00 at, this vanilla iced cafe contains micronized free form of amino acids, and Colombian coffee powder. In addition to the vanilla flavour there are other notable perks of the Optimum Nutrition amino supplements such as:

Greater Fat Burn: The foremost benefit of the optimum nutrition supplements is that they help in greater fat burn due to the numerous BCAAs. It helps athletes burn more body fat, specifically belly fat. In fact recent researchers have found out that consuming BCAA supplements just doubled the body fat reduction than consuming a carbohydrate sports drink.

Lean muscle growth:  The optimum nutrition essential amino energy iced cafe vanilla is helpful in adding to lean muscle growth. It offers BCAAs specially leucine, which regulates and improve protein synthesis in muscle. It also aids muscle repair and muscle growth. These BCAAs are necessary for repairing as well as rebuilding muscles that are broken down during exercise.

Prevent Muscle Damage: Not to forget, the prevention of muscle damage, an essential benefit of the optimum nutrition amino energy supplements. If you’re an endurance athlete or if you work out in a fasted state, then the probability is that your body will break down muscle fibers for fuel. From this perspective consuming an amino acid supplement just 30-60 minutes prior to a workout will help to prevent muscle. Eventually, it will give you a jumpstart in muscle repair through protein synthesis.


Increased Endurance: It has been found in various recent studies that BCAA supplements decreases fatigue quite effectively. It is related to transaminase activation which enhances lipid oxidation in glycogen-depleted athletes.

Bigger Gains: Furthermore, athletes those who take optimum nutrition amino acid supplements have reported a significant greater gains in comparison to those athletes taking whey protein or carbohydrate sports drinks.

Reduce Mental Fatigue: Reducing mental fatigue is also a notable perk of optimum nutrition essential amino energy iced cafe vanilla. Physical exercises leads to performance impairment and fatigue. Amino acid supplements, in this regard, have shown to reduce mental fatigue during exercise along with improvement of cognitive performance post-exercise.

Decrease Muscle Soreness: The next perk is related to a decrease in muscle soreness. With excessive work out come micro muscle tears in your muscles which your body then rebuilds. In order to be stronger to withstand this impact it is advisable to take optimum nutrition amino energy supplements. One of the major cause of these micro tears is delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Consuming amino acid supplements before a workout will aid muscle protein synthesis and repair your muscles faster.

Improve Muscle Recovery: Last on the list is improvement in muscle recovery. A lot of people consuming  the optimum nutrition amino acid supplements before and after a workout, have shown improvement in muscle recovery post an exercise.


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