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A well-balanced diet is something that is crucial, not only for athletes or health freaks but also for everyone. Each and everybody requires enough nutrition to survive the day. If our diet is lacking major nutrients along with protein, your muscle health will get deteriorated which will leave you weak and unhealthy.


The supplement industry is offering a huge range of options to athletes and gym-goers. The supplements which are well known in the market are whey protein, amino acids, BCCAs, Creatine, and omega-3. Before getting there, let’s talk about some benefits of amino acids first. Supplements rich in protein and amino acids can help us in so many amazing ways if we take them properly.


Some benefits of amino acids include retaining energy and enhancing our tolerance to pain. It speeds up the process of muscle recovery and assists in improving our overall performance, especially in aerobic training. This supplement enhances endurance with increased blood flow.

It is responsible for muscle breakdown during workouts and enhances protein metabolism during intense exercise.




What are amino acids?


Amino acids are a molecule that has two carbons, a carboxylic acid, and a nitrogen group. The essential amino acid, as the name suggests, it is one of the most essential components that the body requires. Amino acids consist of Essential, Nonessential, and conditional amino acids. Nonessential acids are majorly produced by the human body naturally throughout the day, while Conditional amino acids are produced by the body only under some specific circumstances, for instance, when you are suffering illness, essential amino acids cannot be produced by your body, and it gets necessary to source it externally.


The branched-chain amino acid, which comes under essential amino acids, is a group that comprises Leucine, isoleucine, and Valine. Out of these elements, Leucine holds the most importance in building muscles. Optimum nutrition amino energy is the best supplement available offering these wide ranges of amino acids.


Effects of consuming Amino Acids


Amino acids are basically the building blocks for protein, just like legos, which can be put into different combinations. When you consume protein, these proteins get broken down into amino acids by your bodies which are the most crucial elements supporting the repair and growth of the muscles. You need to consume enough protein, which, when in breakdown form gives an ample amount of amino acids to your muscles.


Keeping track of the amount of protein you are consuming is a hard task, that’s when you require Optimum nutrition amino energy that can take care of your amino acid requirements, and then you can solely focus on your workout. There is a wide range of products available in the market, some are authentic, and some are duplicates.

 It has become crucial now to identify which one is authentic, and which one is fake. You can also refer to hundreds of reviews of different consumers of the product available on a particular source you are buying the supplement from.  

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy


Optimum nutrition amino energy is an amalgamation of BCAA with pre-workout and claims to boost your muscle recovery along with the energy to focus. This supplement contains zero sugar, which will help you to gain muscle without increasing fat. Taken from the product description from Amazon, the supplement is designed with a unique formula containing which offers only five calories per serving.


Optimum Nutrition amino energy contains amino acids blend offering a range of amino acids making it perfect for athletes, and gym freaks. It also contains stimulants that are helpful to retain your energy throughout the day. The uniqueness of the product is its blend of ingredients with branched-chain amino acids, which is an element that comes under essential amino acids.


BCAAs is a group of Luecine, Isoluecine, and Valine. Out of these elements, Leucine holds the most importance for building muscles which are a sort of protein metabolism, it does not only help to reduce protein breakdown but also to enhance protein synthesis. With the benefits of BCCAs optimum nutrition amino energy also includes arginine, which is a precursor to nitric oxide helping the blood flow. Oxygen gets easily transported to the muscles which gives you that muscle pump required to perform the exercise.


The product is also preferred by most athletes to take intra workout, so when you have Optimum nutrition amino energy you do not need to have to get a supplement for an intra-workout from somewhere else.


This supplement is also proven to give you instant energy and delay fatigue after consuming it, as it contains beta-alanine. The product comprises 160 milligrams of caffeine per two scoops, which is sourced from popular plant extracts which are green tea extract, and green coffee extract.



If you have noticed then you will know that most of the other amino supplements just have a blend of amino acids, but optimum nutrition amino energy offers you more than that. It contains taurine, which can be useful to retain focus and to reduce muscle cramps, during the course of your workout. The product is popular among users who prefer supplements that are without creatine. The amino acids present in the product will help your muscle recovery by making it easier for protein to get absorbed faster so that your muscles don’t use your fat to burn out when they don’t get enough protein in the process.


Optimum Nutrition amino energy is also impressive in terms of taste and flavors. There are varieties of flavors offered available in the market. The supplement comes in mocha cappuccino, cotton candy, watermelon, lemonade, and the list goes on. Among these flavors, the grape flavor is quite popular among its users. Not to mention the presence of caffeine may alter its taste to some extent, you will know if you are one of its consumers.


The BCAA with caffeine is the combination making optimum nutrition amino energy stand out among its competitors. Athletes also prefer to use the product as their “on the go” energy drink, as it contains caffeine. If you are more like a lazy person and find it hard on your mornings to get started with the intense workout then optimum nutrition amino energy product is perfect for you.

 The mixability of Optimum nutrition amino energy is great. If you don’t like clumps in your shake, and always have a hard time to mix the powder, then it’s time to switch your supplement to the optimum.

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People who are always on a strict diet, need such things that can help them recover faster. If you are confused among the wide variety of supplements available in the market that could fasten up the muscle recovery, and overall performance, the optimum nutrition amino energy which is significantly designed to serve the exact purpose is what such people need.

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