Online “Handyman” vs Online “Contractor”


What is actually the difference between a “Handyman” and a “Contractor” 

There’s actually nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned handyman. I love them, because they are spontaneous, quick and easy to get- like on demand. 

They can manage all kinds of odd jobs around the house, yard, car etc.… even some relatively big jobs as well. It’s amazing how experienced and perfectly professional, some really are. 

Despite the level of professionalism and proficiency of some Handymen, when you want to build a new house, why don’t you hire a handyman? I know some very great Handymen, who have done tremendous jobs for me in my home, even done the jobs better than the original builders. Yet I would never hire one of them, if I were to build a new house, won´t you agree? 

You find yourself a contractor. 

Most people can learn to do little jobs with some basic tools, just the way a little handyman works. However, becoming a contractor is a much bigger deal. 

Online Marketing is no different. 

You can learn some decent marketing practices from eBooks and courses and become a pretty good “handyman” (or “handywoman”) Marketer. 

But building a Successful Online Marketing Machine (business)? That’s like building a house. 

You need to learn how to become a Marketer “contractor.” 

That’s what I figured the hard way, when I newly came online to make money. Every shiny thing was very promising, and I thought joining any one of them would make me millions the next months or years. 

I still had a good paying job, which made me not to immediately feel the burden of spending money online to make money.  Worst of all, I did not document or track my spending, such that I cannot give you the exact figures of my losses online. 

I came to a point where, my job could not pay my bills anymore, I was sitting on a bunch of training and courses I had bought over the years, but hardly studied any to the end, or by the time I completed it, the Guru from whom I bought the course had moved on to something else and was no longer there to provide support, or that skill set was no longer hot enough to make money. 

If I had paid attention and listened or learned the #1 skill any business needs to thrive, I could be doing that all day long again and again, to make money. 

Well, if you thought my story is pathetic, think again. I did not give up, and that is very important. SO, no matter how much you have failed and still failing to make money online, no matter how much money you have lost online trying to make money, your break through is just around the corner. 

Welcome to Markethive, the most advanced Inbound Social Marketing Network built on the blockchain. Markethive provides Businesses and Entrepreneurs Advance Customer Acquiring Solutions 100% FREE, by providing a safe, secure, powerful marketing platform on which a solid foundation can be laid to build and grow any business. 

The Markethive platform is well worth over $2,000 per month, but markethive: 

- gives it to you for free to use forever. 

- Pays you to learn how to use the system 

- Pays you while you use the system to build your business 

- Even pays you a fast 500 MHV coins instantly, just to sign up for the system, 

- Even rewards you with 500MHV Matching coin bonus over and over (see how to qualify). 

If there is any one skill you must know to succeed online, meaning to make money online, that skill in my opinion is marketing. When you train yourself to be a great marketer, you could market for yourself or market for others. 

Let me ask you a quick question: At your present level of Marketing, if you were to hire someone to do marketing for you, would you hire yourself?  If your answer is NO, then Markethive is the solution. If your answer is yes, then congratulations. However, you will still need markethive. 

Markethive provides you the platform and all the tools to change any “handyman” (Handy marketer) into a real “Contractor” (great Marketer), everyone will be jealous of. 

Remembers, you are not yet in your past, you are in your present, and you are just exactly where you want to be, and that will not change, until you make that change. 

Click here now to head over to Markethive, that is where all the smart Marketers will be hanging out soon.

Wish you much success in Marketing.

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