Why you should NEVER buy leads, no matter how desperate for Success you are.


Buying leads out of desperation to get people to join you in your business opportunity will leave you more desperate and broke. Good Leads are not cheap, cheap leads are not good either. There are no good cheap leads, and buying leads is the worst way to build your business altogether. 

Just imagine, buying a partner to live with! Even, those you choose out of love sometimes end up not fulfilling the expected expectations. Then what more of the one you buy? Well, I would not advise you to rely on being lucky either. Because, if you really wanted to count on luck, just stay home, never go out to talk to some body and one day, someone will just show up on your door step, out of nowhere, to ask for your hand. That is what we call luck. 

However, in building your business, you must think differently. I am member of MLMgateway, a unique social platform with verified network marketers that Helps Network Marketers Build their Businesses the right way. On MLMgateway, you can browse the various networkers and their profiles, fields of interests, countries or even cities they are from, then connect with them to share and discussion more about your opportunity. 

Recently, someone contacted me on the MLMGateway platform proposing an opportunity for me to buy leads from certain leads vendor. I guess this networker promotes this leads company for affiliate commissions. Though he claimed the leads there are good and “he gets 5-7 new reps from every 50 leads he buys” 

That was funny, don’t you think? If that lead source were that good, why could he not just get the leads from there and then sell the same lead source to them, rather than pitch people on MLMGateway? 

By the way, why would I leave MLMGateway with currently almost 220,000 verified registered active networkers with authentic emails, phone numbers and some with profiles pictures, that I can scan through and connect with unlimited number of them anytime, to go and buy leads I do not even know how they were acquired? 

I thought to myself, this networker is certainly missing out on something. This thought led me to write this article, with hopes that it could help many others identify and make good use of the resources that are available to them to thrive in their businesses. 

Nevertheless, being a curious guy and open to check out opportunities, I did check out that lead source and many others. Amazingly, this is what I found as deion of the leads they are selling: 

Real Time Leads 

Real Time National MLM Leads 

Real Time Local MLM Leads 

Real Time Short Form Leads 

Real Time Phone Verified Leads 

Redirected Leads & Traffic 

Real Time Redirected Leads 

Real Time Traffic 

Looking at this list above, you would notice how misleading it is. First, not all leads are acquired in the same way. You have no way to know what offer was placed in front of them, that prompted them to provide their information in the first place.  

Maybe, I saw an MLM opportunity for dog food, and was interested in it because I own a dog day care center. But now you are buying me to present baby food MLM to me, what are the chances that I will join you? 

Now check out this other category below: 

Targeted Leads 

Real Time Female Leads 

Real Time Networker Leads 

Real Time Travel Leads 

Now with targeted leads, and with the target being females, what is the age group, or do females have the same interests? If you do not know the answer to any of these questions, as concerns such leads and you are buying them, then you should not wonder, if you keep failing in your business. Never rely on leads you do not have full control of how the came about. 

Now, check out yet another category of leads here below: 

Super Fresh Surveyed Leads 

Fresh Surveyed Leads 

Discounted Surveyed Leads 

Aged Surveyed Leads 

This is very interesting. Even me, I like fresh as well as old surveyed leads. But what the hell were the survey questions? If they were surveyed for back pain or dentures, do you think they will be good leads for your soap of juice MLM? 

So, what is the solution?  

Great question, and that is why I am here today.  

If I simply say “Do not buy leads” as an answer, it would be mean of me, isn’t it?  

Because, you would say that does not help you in any way. Of course, that can answer cannot help you build your MLM business. 

As a matter of fact, recommending MLMGateway to you should be the simplest honest and sweet answer. 

However, I good news and a better answer for you: I have a short-term hard approach, and a long-term easy approach. 

Short-term hard approach: If you are member of MLMGateway, upgrade to unlock all the advantage of the upgrade features. If you are not member yet, join, then upgrade. Upgrading in MLMGateway is optional but brings you much value to help you achieve your marketing goal faster. 

You may click here now to log into or join MLMGateway to take advantage of its amazing features and services. 

Why is this MLMGateway short-term approach hard?  

To me, it is not hard, but the fact that you must keep connecting and talking to people (finding people to talk to) maybe challenging to some people, even you. Don’t you agree? Nevertheless, MLMGateway will never run out of people you can connect and share your opportunity with.  

long-term easy approach: Welcome to Inbound Marketing. With inbound Marketing, you do not go out of your way to find leads, but the leads find you and they come to you with already pre-framed mind/opinion and enough knowledge about your business, ready to join you. 

If you will like to know how I use inbound Marketing, with, or without the combination of MLMGateway to generate 20 hot targeted leads daily passively and residually for my business, keep reading. 

Why hot targeted, passively and residual?  

Hot targeted because, leads come to you well informed already about what you are offering and ready to join your opportunity. 

Passively because, you have done the work once to setup yourself and will never do the work again, yet the leads will keep discovering you and coming in. 

Residually because, after the initial inflow of hot targeted leads, more will keep coming in, years to come, even after the MLM opportunity you were in is already long dead. Yes, the only thing you can be most certain about, regarding MLM Opportunities is that they will die. How sad? 

Some MLM Opportunities die even upon arrival. Some, after a long pre-launch simply disappear with peoples’ money. Have you ever landed on an info page and clicked on the offer, only to realize the opportunity does not exist anymore? Now you know. 

Whether you are upgraded at MLMGateway or not, you could publish unlimited press releases about your opportunity ongoing, and that will awaken the curiosity of readers, who will then check you out. 

However, Chick here now to see how I leverage the most advanced inbound marketing platform to get more hot targeted leads daily, passively and residually.

All the best.

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