Could ORU be the PainPal Killer?


Is Karatpay the ORU and PayPal Killer Hiding in Plain Sight?

Well, time will tell, not long from now.

I recently read an article published on MLM Gateway about ORU.

MLM Gateway is a unique social platform that Helps Network Marketers Build their Businesses by giving them the possibility to connect and build business relationships with other verified network marketing professionals.

This article asked the question, if “ORU Marketplace is going to be the PayPal killer”? It was a very interesting article, very objective, yet failed to answer the question at the end and kind of left me not knowing, if ORU certainly is going to be the PayPal Killer or not.

The article however helped me understand more about ORU. I wanted to leave a comprehensive comment to the article about what I think. Unfortunately, MLM Gateway makes only limited space available for comments. And posting multiple comments to same article would have seemed like spamming, so, I decided to express my opinion by writing my own article about what I know and think.

I have seen ORU promoted heavily across multiple platforms. I have even seen it pushed a lot to the membership base of certain programs by the program owners. The question remains, if these program owners pushing ORU to their user base, are out to benefit from the MLM aspect of it, or they want to truly use it as a payment solution for their customers?

Whatever the case, ORU remains an option amongst others, and an opportunity to facilitate online businesses process payments with peace of mind and without fear of their accounts or funds being frozen. It does provide the ORU Marketplace too, further giving its users more opportunities to make some money using the platform.

However, ORU can never position itself as PayPal killer. If you want to kill something, you have to total free yourself from it, and able to survive independent of it. This reminds me of a story, where some monkeys were trying to kill the man who always chased them from the corn farms. When they finally did, they were very excited, but a year later, they had no corn to feed on. It was only then that they realized, the man who has been chasing them from the farm, was actually the famer.

Similarly, this may certainly not be the mission of ORU, to kill PayPal. ORU with no doubt is out to provide an option to entrepreneurs to confidently do business without fears of losing their accounts or funds. Yet, when ORU still partly relies on PayPal as one of the funding gateways, it cannot completely kill PayPal, but makes PayPal even stronger.

To kill PayPal, ORU should 100% dissociate itself from the use of PayPal as a funding option. Nevertheless, PayPal Killer would not be ORU. What would kill PayPal stands best chances to also kill ORU. It is hiding in plain sight, but will be the total relief for Businesses, individuals or MLMs, NO Kidding.

Welcome to Karatpay, the most innovative payment solution that will bring freedom to the entire world, decentralized and backed by a real asset – Gold. Karatpay is an online platform developed by Karatgold and Karatbars International for the purpose of Cashgold Transactions.

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All the best and much success in your business.

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