The Battle Of Handyman Service - Fantastic Handyman V Handyfox

by Monica Montana London Handyman Service

As with everything in life, you have to compare and contrast to get the best out of any product or service or even get good value for money spent. Honestly it is always a battle between the two most popular in whatever goods or services being offered and that has always been an exciting moment, because it is the moment when your head calculates and looks at every aspect from cost, reliability, availability and sheer preference. 

Here we have a battle between two of the most popular handyman services in the United Kingdom; HandyFox versus Fantastic Handyman. So we are going to be comparing a lot of things.


Prices will always be a good reason to choose or not choose a company especially when you comparing two companies. As a new home owner, you will always want the best for less as the extra cash could be used to get furniture and all


Handyfox has one of the cheapest prices around of any noticeable handyman services; they constantly define the prices with no margin for “what ifs” so you don’t have to be worried about the type of service you want or need. The prices for each service are considerably very little and presentable for everyone and every household. The prices are also very affordable when you consider the accumulated service hours.

Fantastic Handyman

Fantastic Handyman has a steady price that is not as cheap as HandyFox but is also very affordable. They have different types of services with their respective prices providing you with great insight and excess time to plan around your budget. Just like HandyFox, The prices are also very affordable when you consider the accumulated service hours.


If you are looking for good value for money then HandyFox is your choice.


Reliability is something that is built on years of trust and handwork, you just don’t do one job and call yourself reliable. You will always need your handyman service to come through for you no matter what, especially in crisis like bad plumbing.


HandyFox is a very established company and for it to be well known, you can count on the company to always be reliable and dependable. The services provided have gotten good reviews from clients and you can check the ratings online.

Fantastic Handyman

The Fantastic Handyman is known for being a reliable company that always comes through; the company has a great review and is highly talked about. The company always put their best foot forward and gives good quality.


They both provide excellent quality and are very reliable.


For any new house owner or potential house owner that is looking to move into his new house, you know how time simply slows down as the deadline for your new house gets shorter. You lose patience and get giddy with excitement, so it’s always best to know much time your handyman service can work or will work for.


HandyFox provides a reasonable minimum time for their work as each service you request of them carries certain estimated time duration. This provides you with more information that you can use to plan out your day or week and the time elapsed is also determined by the duration.

Fantastic Handyman

The working hours for fantastic handyman are pretty straight forward but leave a lot of questions like “what happens if there are complications and the time elapses the half hour plan?” but you should still be able to plan your day with the information provided.


Handyfox provides more information on job duration as well as working hours than Fantastic Handyman so I choose HandyFox.

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