Of the Many Anti-ED Treatments Men Can Use Kamagra is Becoming the Number One

by Alice Jones Business Expert

When sildenafil citrate was discovered in 1996, it was not only the first treatment of its kind, but it was actually discovered by total accident too. Proposed initially as a treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension, this compound would go on to completely alter the sex-lives of millions around the world and modify the world’s perception of sex and those afflicted by sexual dysfunctions.

Indeed, released under the brand name of Viagra by the colossal pharmaceutical corporation known as Pfizer, Viagra was the first form of oral medicinal treatment for the wide spread male sexual dysfunction known commonly as erectile dysfunction and even more commonly these days as ED. Since its release some three decades ago, plenty of brilliant generics have been released such as Kamagra 100 mg.

You may be wondering at this point why there is a need for generics when Viagra worked well to treat the symptoms of ED in 1997 and still does to this day. The fact is that, like with most corporations and branded products that are protected by patents, Pfizer took advantage of the massive market of men who had been eagerly awaiting medicine like this for years and charged them massively for it.

The FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) also made life difficult for men by making the revolutionary new medication a prescription-only medication and thereby making it harder and less discreet for men to buy their necessary medication for a problem that is still considered very awkward and hard to deal with.

So with sky-high prices and no anonymity, millions of men chose to disregard the product or they were simply not financially viable candidates to purchase such expensive medication. This is where a massive need for effective generic medications arose from. Not only for effective generics but also medication that could be purchased in a more convenient fashion that gave them their much-needed discretion.

Buying Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacies

Due to greed and a lack of understanding and compassion on Pfizer’s behalf, they have lost a large number of their clientele to a beautiful joining between two facets of modern day humankind. These two facets are, of course, the world of pharmaceuticals and the internet. These days, buying effective generic medications online ticks all the boxes for all the men.

There are a lot of positive additions to buying your necessary and personal medication off the internet. Firstly, you gain access to all the latest and most advanced medicines as soon as they are made and released. There are now plenty of Viagra generics that function just as well, if not better, than the original ‘little blue helper’ as it was affectionately referred to upon its initial release.

Secondly, the prices are extraordinarily different. They actually allow you to keep your arm and your leg after purchasing your medication. In fact, far beyond being much cheaper than arranging medication in an archaic way through traditional pharmacies and expensive visits to your general practitioner, generic medication online actually allows men to save on their purchases in vast quantities.

This is great for men who are ordering in bulk as they can receive huge discounts from the most accredited online stores. Erectile dysfunction cannot be cured, but its symptoms can be treated. It is very costly therefore to continue to treat ED with branded medication for years on end. Buy online assures men equally effective medication for a mere smattering of the original price.

Thirdly, and maybe most importantly, is the advantageous aspect of the invisibility doing your shopping transactions online affords you. There is no other method of shopping that comes near to the discretion of doing your shopping over the internet comes with. The most reputable online pharmacies require only a payment and the customer’s trust to make their dreams come true and help turn their sex-lives around.

It is not difficult to pick out a pharmacy that you can trust. It is as easy as visiting any of the numerous website reviewing platforms such as ‘TrustPilot’ that give honest and public opinions from the customers who have engaged in e-commerce on their experience conducting shopping at a certain website. You do not have to Guinea-pig the website for yourself in other words.

How Does Generic Viagra Help Treat the Symptoms of ED?

As stated above, if you visit the most legitimate online pharmacies such as, you will be buying medications that are very safe to use and equally effective to their originals. Lots of customers who have bought generic Viagra online for their ED symptoms have claimed the medication to be a mirror image of sorts of the original.

Generic Viagra treats ED using the same active ingredient contained in the original medications formula in the same amounts. What made the little blue pill so famous was its active ingredient which was first dubbed UK-92480 during the tests and then released in Viagra as sildenafil citrate. Inn generic Viagra there is 100 mg of this miraculous hard-on producing compound.

Sildenafil citrate helps treat the symptoms of ED by acting as a vasodilator through its mechanism of action which is to inhibit the vasoconstrictor enzyme known as PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase type 5). Vasodilation is pivotal to obtaining and maintaining an erection as this is the biological process wherein arteries are broadened to allow more blood to pump into an area when needed.

Men with ED have too much PDE-5, clogging up their penile arteries and rendering the other enzyme that plays a role in erectile maintenance from working. This enzyme is known as cyclic guanosine monophosphate or cyclic GMP and it plays a crucial role in erectile functioning by causing vasodilation when a man is aroused.

Generic Viagra helps to inhibit the excess PDE-5 enzyme found in men until after sexual intercourse is completed. PDE-5 is only supposed to take effect than in healthy men by ebbing blood flow to the penis to allow it to return to a state of flaccidity. By inhibiting the PDE-5 enzyme, men can get enough blood to their penises and maintain strong, healthy erections for the duration of the efficacy of the medicine.

Buy Kamagra Online and Save with Bitcoin and Bulk Purchases

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