Relationships in The Bedroom: Cardiac Arrest, Sex and Kamagra Tablets

by Alice Jones Business Expert

Studies have shown that very few sudden cardiac arrests occur during or immediately after sex. But thousands of people experience the benefits of taking medication for erectile dysfunction (ED). If you follow the precautions for taking treatment for erectile dysfunction, your risk is minimised


Cardiac arrest is when the heart stops beating, which could be fatal if not treated immediately.  More often than not, it happens without warning and always requires immediate medical attention. Symptoms include fainting (no heartbeat), and possibly light-headedness or dizziness just before fainting. Chest pain, nausea and/or vomiting within an hour prior to the cardiac arrest is also possible. 


It has been concluded in the past that sex can lead to heart complications but it has not yet been established whether sex is directly related to sudden cardiac arrests. A recent study in the USA showed that in a period of 13 years, only 0.7% of 4557 sudden cardiac arrests in the Oregon region occurred within an hour after sex. More than half happened during sex, with the rest taking place within 15 minutes of sexual activity.  And most of the casualties had a history of cardiovascular disease and were taking medication for it.


Does Erectile Dysfunction Tablets Cause Cardiac Arrest?

The active ingredient contained in Kamagra tablets is Sildenafil Citrate, which is the same component used in the little blue pill known as Viagra. If tablets have been FDA-approved, they have passed all the tests run by the FDA to ensure that the medication is safe for consumption and to ensure that taking the drug is more useful than it is harmful. But when the authorities give permission for the marketing of drugs, they provide details for potential consumers and health professionals regarding the necessary precautions that should be taken to make sure that you don’t experience unnecessary complications.


Sildenafil has been found to affect the activity of medication that lowers blood pressure, in addition to increasing the effect of medication or recreational drugs that contain nitrates (such as ‘poppers’). So, readers should avoid taking treatments such as this if they are taking any of the afore-mentioned medication/substances, or if they suffer from abnormal blood pressure in any form. Also avoid taking more than the recommended dosage, which is one 100mg tablet in a 24-hour period. If you follow these precautions, your risk is minimal.


For more information on the products available, their benefits, contraindications, side effects and so on - visit online pharmacy Also, do further online research and read the details provided in the packaging if supplied.


How to prevent cardiac arrest after sex, and how to respond

According to recent research, only one third of the victims of post-sex heart attack received CPR from their partners who witnessed them having it. If you see a person collapse, and they are not breathing normally and are unresponsive, they could be in cardiac arrest. According to one source, less than 10% of people who have suffered a cardiac arrest die before arriving at the hospital since there is no immediate intervention. You can do the following to reduce chances of death:


-          Call the emergency services. The number in the UK is 999

-          Chest compression or external pumping of the heart to keep up circulation while you wait for the ambulance (you can do this even if you don’t have first aid training, and save someone’s life)

-          Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (i.e. inflating the lungs)


The risk of heart complications and cardiac arrest after sex (and which, incidentally, also help reduce the likelihood of experiencing erectile dysfunction) can be reduced by making certain lifestyle changes:


1.       Exercise regularly – do physical activity for at least half an hour at least 5 days a week.

2.       Watch what you eat – cholesterol can contribute to blocking your arteries and reducing blood flow. Avoid eating fatty foods like butter, coconut oil, cream and full-fat dairy products. Beans, oats, green tea and nuts actively reduce cholesterol. Try to eat lots of vegetables, lean meat, skinless chicken, fish and wholegrains, and keep a healthy weight. Only eat food and drink beverages that are low in sugar.

3.       Stop drinking alcohol and smoking – doing so can help decrease your blood pressure.


Dosage and Usage

Included in the Kamagra range are hard tablets that usually take 45-60 minutes to have an effect. They are simply swallowed whole about an hour before you plan to have sex. “Their effects can last for 4-6 hours, but they only do what they are supposed to - help you get and maintain an erection for longer periods of time, when you are aroused,” said the online pharmacy’s Sales Manager. That is, they are not an aphrodisiac, so only take them when you are planning to have intercourse. They take longer to work if you take them with alcohol, or if you eat a large meal beforehand – so avoid those.


Why Buy Online?

When you use online platforms like the above to buy Kamagra, UK and EU customers are assured to receive free delivery of their order. Delivery occurs in less than one week after they have bought the product of choice in the UK, and between one and two weeks if they are located in the EU. Also included in the price is discreet packaging which contains zero hint of its contents.


When you shop online, customers can also make use of the customer care service that is available no matter what the hour or day of the week. Further, when you buy Kamagra, UK and EU customers don’t need a prescription, thus saving more time and money. Generic tablets that are sold online are also much cheaper than their branded counterparts, making them the number one choice of treatment for many.



In conclusion, sex has no casual relationship to cardiac arrest. Director of Research at online pharmacy added that, “Most of those in the study who experienced cardiac arrest during or immediately after sex were suffering from heart problems prior to the incident. So, if you don’t have heart problems, you can take treatment for erectile dysfunction before you have sex. Also, reduce your chances of cardiac arrest and erectile dysfunction by making the appropriate lifestyle changes.”


Kamagra tablets are the treatment of choice for thousands of people in the UK/EU. Buy yours now; responsible, informed use can give you the success that so many are frequently enjoying in the UK/EU.


Visit the ePharmacy and browse the range of medications available. Also read up on the comprehensive information provided to be well informed when choosing and using a product.

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