No Need For Surgical Treatment For ED, With Kamagra – UK’s Trusted Generic

by Alice Jones Business Expert

Invasive therapy can successfully treat cancer patients and provide relief for men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), but pharmacological treatments can be equally effective. Many people have found an ED solution in Kamagra products.


A new chapter has started for 64-year old Thomas Manning, who was diagnosed in 2012 with penile cancer. If he once thought he would never be able to urinate or have sex normally, a few trips to the surgeon have changed that for good. Manning is one of only a few men to have undergone a successful penis transplant – the first was in China in 2005 (but was reversed two weeks later), followed by South Africa in 2014 and 2017. Although Manning won’t be able to reproduce as his testes weren’t replaced, he should be able to engage in normal activities after recovery from the 15-hour operation.


Manning’s story is one of hope – for those experiencing medical problems with their genitals. Although only four surgeries such as this have taken place, there could be a promising future for the likes of war veterans and cancer patients. Studies are ongoing, and doctors are even looking at the possibility of growing male genitals artificially for the purpose of transplants. Although penile transplantS are a new breakthrough in the USA, and indeed globally, invasive treatments have been used to treat other problems like erectile dysfunction. Modern invasive methods include penile implants which involve a prosthetic device that is placed inside the penis to produce the functions that are normally performed by the body.


Surgery such as this can be used for people who have a radical prostatectomy, have damaged blood vessels from diabetes or have structural problems in their genitals. The procedure usually takes a few hours, and sexual activity can be resumed after 4-6 weeks. Options include an inflatable penile implant and semi-rigid implants. Alternatively, vascular reconstructive therapy could be considered and includes the possibility of either reconstructing the blood vessels in your penis, or blocking veins that allow blood to exit your penis. This is a technical procedure and is still undergoing testing.


However, the good news is that other, less invasive treatments are available for cancer patients, and specifically for problems relating to erectile dysfunction even after operations and so on. For the latter, many success stories can testify to the effectiveness of products/tablets relating to the brand Kamagra. UK an EU citizens in their thousands have had their lives changed by introducing this medication to their treatment plan, which can be sourced at leading online pharmacy


*When taking the medication after surgery one has to physically heal of course and take medication in conjunction with proper research and advice.


The pharmacy’s marketing and sales executive said, “There are various variations of Kamagra products available online at affordable prices to ED sufferers. We understand that treatment should not be stressful or difficult to obtain so we have made it easy for men to access their required medication safely online. People are also learning that generics are in no way inferior, but really the same as original expensive brands at a lower price - for reasons of increased competition, originals’ patent expiries, and not having substantial R&D costs.”


Information About Kamagra

Treatment can be taken by anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction, who is between the ages of 18 and 64 and who doesn’t suffer from abnormal blood pressure. The medication is unsafe for people who take medication or recreational drugs that contain nitrates, as this could worsen potential side effects. Side effects can also be minimised by taking less than the daily recommended dosage (one 100mg tablet in 24 hours). This medication has been approved by the FDA and is therefore safe for consumption, provided users follow the recommended precautions. There is no risk of developing a physical addiction to this product.


What are The Side Effects?

Experiencing side effects when taking this drug is not common. They are usually mild and should only last as long as the drug is active in your body, which is normally for about 4-6 hours. Side affects you can expect are headaches, dizziness, nasal congestion, upset stomach and indigestion. To get a hard on pills should only be taken when planning to engage in sexual activity, as they are only effective when the user is sexually stimulated. Pills can take 45-60 minutes to have an effect, but take longer if you consume the tablet with alcohol or fatty foods. For further information regarding precautions, do some research online and read the packaging provided with every product.


How Does Kamagra Work?

Kamagra, in all its various forms, contains the same active ingredient as Viagra, Sildenafil Citrate, which effectively works by allowing increased blood flow to the caverns in your genitals. Thus, it helps you to get and maintain erections. Being a generic, this product contains the same ingredients as the original and serves the same purpose, but is available (without the need for prescription and at more affordable prices) online. Prices are often less than £2 per pill, which is a fraction of the cost of the well-known brands, with tablets being available in different strengths and quantities. The price should decrease the more you buy. This ensures that you are in full control of getting a hard on - pills are available for use entirely at your discretion.


Pharmacies are increasingly making use of online platforms to market and sell their products. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, they often make what can seem like a daunting online shopping experience hassle-free, and much easier than driving to your local pharmacy. They do this by offering benefits like free delivery that usually takes anywhere between 2-7 working days in the UK, and 10-14 days if you are in the EU. Many e-pharmacies also offer a feature that allows you to contact their help desk through a live chat or contact page in your own time and at any hour of the day or night. Aware of the sensitive nature of the condition of erectile dysfunction, staff responsible for delivery ensure that your parcel is wrapped discreetly to avoid discomfort or embarrassment when receiving your goods.


Shop Online

Most websites are also easy to use, and involve a few simple steps to secure your order. Simply go online, select the product you want to buy (and the quantity), and provide your credit card details. Once your order has been verified and you have provided your address, you can sit back, relax and wait for your product to arrive at your door.


Visit to find out more about treatment using Kamagra. UK and EU men can avoid invasive treatment, and get anti-ED medication more conveniently than ever before.

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