Kamagra Soft Tablets in the UK Are Men’s First Choice of anti-ED Medication

by Alice Jones Business Expert

For centuries now, conditions such as erectile dysfunction (commonly referred to as ED in men) and a host of other unwelcome sexual disorders have plagued both men and women. For many, many of these years, people suffering with these very legitimate medical conditions were laughed off and ostracized by those around them unaffected by these debilitating disorders that were perceived as signs of weakness.

Only in the last few decades have authentic medications been produced to help remedy this myriad of sexual dysfunctions. A more accurate statement might be that medications have been produced to help treat and bring relief to the symptoms of sexual disorders such as ED. Medications such as Kamagra soft tablets in the UK are finally available to the one third of the male population who need treatment.

The Kamagra range of medication is produced by the established pharmaceutical company known as Ajanta Pharma who have been in the medicine business for over 5 decades. They have dedicated their time to producing a wide range of effective generic anti-ED, anti-premature ejaculation and anti-female sexual dysfunction medications.

Kamagra medication is based on the initial treatment ever released for the treatment of ED in males. The famous little blue pill was initially patented by Pfizer in 1997 under the brand name Viagra and often nicknamed thereafter as vitamin ‘V’.

Just like Kamagra products, this medication contained the active ingredient known as sildenafil citrate - an ingredient that would revolutionize the lives of men everywhere. With a dosage of just 100 mg of sildenafil citrate, men who had been made to feel emasculated, lost their relationships and self-respect could attain sustainable erections and feel like the kings of their own bedrooms once again.

Kamagra medication is a medication that was designed to be medically identical (containing the same medical chemical makeup) to Viagra. There is no difference in efficacy, onset to action time or safety to use.

The only real two differences are the major discrepancies in price between these medications. Ajanta pharma have far less over-head costs then Viagra which make the production of the medication much cheaper. More than that, Kamagra has been made by people who want to help men unlike other well-known pharmacies that are only interested in profiting off their client’s medical needs.

The second difference would be that unlike with Viagra, where in order to obtain these medications men in need are required to participate in lengthy, awkward doctor’s visits just to attain a prescription so that they could participate in another equally excruciating visit to their local pharmacy - Kamagra medications are sold online by leading internet pharmacies, totally prescription free.

5 Wacky ED Cures that Prevailed before Kamagra’s Creation

Before incredible medications like Kamagra’s soft tablets were created that catered to the sexual dysfunction known as ED in men and the way in which these men preferred to consume their medications (kamagra soft tablets are easy to chew and perfect for the many men out there who do not like taking tablets or capsules whole), many strange methods were conceived as anti-ED treatments.

In the last two decades, medical science has made it possible for the 30 million men who are affected at any given point in time - according to the National Institute of Health - by ED to receive proper treatment. Sexual dysfunction in males has been around for more than 4000 years, let us take a look at some of the strange methods conceived to treat ED when little was understood about it:

  • In 2500 BC, it was believed by ancient Chinese philosophers that a man’s yin and yang (the forces of nature that create harmony when in balance and discord when not balanced) was not harmonious when suffering from ED. It was believed they were deprived of life-giving yin which could be cured by a list of 22 natural ingredients or acupuncture.

  • The Egyptians in 1600 BC believed sexual dysfunction was either a natural disorder or the result of an evil spell. Of their many various ED remedies, one that perhaps stands out the most is grinding up baby crocodile hearts into a pulp that would then be applied to the penis. They also used white and blue lotus flowers which today are being re-looked at as a potential cure for ED.

  • 300 BC was the year the renowned Greek philosopher extracted a chemical with aphrodisiacal (of a sexually arousing nature) qualities from the dried bodies of beetles known as Spanish flies. For centuries thereafter, Spanish beetle was used as an aphrodisiac, but it was proven in a more modern era that the aphrodisiacal chemical was too toxic and ineffective to treat ED.

  • Theologian of the 13th century known as Thomas Aquinas espoused that demons were the most likely cause of erectile dysfunction. The resulting claim led to medieval witch-hunter textbooks urging men to hunt down these witches (innocent woman) who had bewitched their penises and get their erectile abilities back from them - even if it meant using violence.

  • In the 1600’s it was generally believed that if a woman’s touch could not erect or stir a flaccid penis, nothing else would. Luckily (mainly for woman) it was at the end of this century that it was discovered that the true cause of ED was as a result of a lack of blood supply in the arteries that lead to the penis.

All that can be said after reading these facts about the perilous journey of medical treatment for sexual dysfunction is that men who were born in the 21st century are certainly very lucky. No baby crocodile hearts are needed and instead, we have little pills that can be consumed orally for concise and safe effects to treat the symptoms of a condition that has literally taken us centuries to fully understand.

Buy Your Highly Effective Kamagra Medication on the Internet

For the benefit of the reader, we decided to speak to an expert urologist that works at the renowned online pharmacy, BuyKamagraUK (BKUK). This is what he had to say about the magnificent medication:

“When oral medication was released onto the market, its success was unprecedented. This is because so many men were able to now be more forthright about their conditions and treat them with discreet ease. However, even though Viagra was highly appraised, it was beyond the budget of most of the one third of the population struggling from ED and still required a prescription which meant exposure.”

“Men want to buy effective medications at reasonable prices - and they want to do so with total anonymity. That is why our leading online pharmacy operates on the internet and deliver men’s products directly to their addresses in plain, white, padded packaging. We sell the best medications at the best prices and that is why more and more men are turning for help to BKUK”.

Visit Our Online Pharmacy Now to Buy Kamagra Soft Tablets in the UK

We are very proud to boast that our pharmacy can truly say that we have 100% customer satisfaction feedback. We offer a multitude of services that you would not find at another online pharmacy such as 24-hour customer care services for all our valuable customers queries and concerns.

If you order your Kamagra soft tablets in the UK or EU with our pharmacy, you can expect swift and discreet delivery to the address you specified on check-out within 2 - 4 working days in the UK and 5 - 7 working days elsewhere within the EU.

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