Norms of Tyre Replacements

by Sumit Das Digital marketer

Do you know when is the right time to change your old tyres with new ones? Many of the car owners are not aware of this tiny little detail which is really important. How are you going to know the right time? If you don’t know when to get new tyres then you will be stuck with old tyres for more than necessary or beyond safety.

So, if you think that just choosing quality Tyres Hove is your only responsibility towards the car, then the answer is a no. There is so much more that you need to be aware of. The list contains the know-hows of tyre replacement because it is also a safety issue. Let us know in little in detail about when to change tyres.

Tyre Treads Reflect More than You Think

When you buy car tyres, you will surely become aware of the rules and regulations related to tyre purchase. One of the basics is that the tread depth has to be more than 1.6mm of a tyre to be on the road legally. There is a reason for this. Over time and use of a tyre, the treads start to wear out and with that, it starts to lose the capacity to grip and brake. These are two very important things when it comes to safe driving. So, you need to keep checking and measuring the tread depth of your vehicle tyres to become sure of the time to replace them. There are ways of measuring tread depth. One of the ways would be to use the quarter and penny tests as it helps to be accurate as much as possible when the tyre treads are really low. So, if you have not measured the treads for a long time? Then this is an effective way to do it.

Tyre’s Manufacturing Date

To determine the age of the tyres fitted in your vehicle, we need to know the date of its production. Knowing the correct date helps to keep a tab on how aged the tyres are in question. Usually, it is seen that tyres are good to go for about six years, since their manufacturing date if maintained properly. Proper tyre maintenance adds up to the durability of tyres. Otherwise, tyres might not be well for more than 4 years. Definitely tyres brand matters when it comes to durability.

Sometimes due to less usage of tyres, the tread may remain up to its required standard, but it may have become very old for usage. Even in such cases, it is better to change tyres as it is a ticking bomb. Tyres shall start to wear out, the rubber compound might get cracked or even melt after a period of time whether it is in use or not. It will be very risky if you think of using it just because tread depth is there. These tyres can result in a blowout or go flat while on the run.

Quarter and Penny Testing

This is a basic and really helpful way to measure the treads. Place a quarter at the centre of the tyre into the tread with the head facing upwards and observe if it’s of the same level with the tyre tread. If it is yes, then they are safe to be in use for now but you shall need new ones soon.

In case of a penny with its face down kept at the centre of the tyre tread, observe if the head and the tread are at the same level. If they are at the same level, then it is an alarm bell to start choosing new tyres. Otherwise, it shall get too late and you might end up in some kind of road trouble.


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