Tyre Maintenace: The Complete Guide To Your Car Tyre Maintenance

by Roberts Tyres Auto Repair Garage in Sleaford

Car tyres are the only aspect of a car that is constantly in touch with the exterior world. Since that is true, you have to pay extra attention to your car tyres. This is precisely why you need to ensure that you maintain your tyres. Alongside your car’s maintenance, Car Tyres Sleaford need to be taken care of just as well.

Why is tyre maintenance important?

When it comes to car and tyre care, most motorists wonder why is it important. Now, the thing is, no problem comes to you when you’re ready. Most of the car troubles you face, come around unexpectedly. There’s a chance that when you’re driving your car peacefully, you can face some problems. And in some cases, you can most likely be caught in serious conditions.

Whether you have new tyres or older ones, you will need to take care of them. Taking care of tyres helps you stay safe. Also, it keeps others on the road safe.

How to take care of your car tyres?

When it comes to taking care of car tyres, you need to take some steps. Furthermore, you need patience. Before we dive into how to take care of your cars, keep the following things in mind:

  • You need to be patient with your car and yourself. You will not be able to see the results of maintenance right away.
  • Regular maintenance will help you to understand the condition of your car. You will know exactly what is going to need repairs and what does not.
  • You will know when to replace parts of your car. Before things become difficult, you can always take your car down to the service centre to get the replacements.
  • In short, this leads to you saving money on repairs and servicing. You will not have to worry about expensive repairs later on.

Now, let’s get into how to maintain your car tyres:


Car tyres should be inspected regularly. Inspections give you an overview of your tyres. When you inspect regularly, you can see the dents and cracks before they become a problem.

The inspection gives you an edge and helps you to stay informed of the condition of the tyres. Additionally, you will be able to diagnose potential problems of the tyres before they become very serious. Although inspection should be regular, a thorough inspection should be done before a long journey.

Wheel alignment: You should consider taking care of the car also includes aligning your wheels once in two-three years. Another thumb rule is to get a wheel alignment service before you change oils in your vehicle.

Wheel balancing: Wheel balancing should be done when you begin to face vibrations in your car. This is necessary after a rough ride or off-roading trip. See, when you drive, your tyres go over different bumps and potholes. This causes things to become imbalanced.

If this is not taken care of properly, this will lead to major issues later.

Tyre pressure: Tyre pressure is yet another thing that should be maintained. Look at the recommended level of air pressure for both warm and cold weather types. Always, maintain 5 psi more than the recommended value. This will help in maintaining the pressure, even when it starts leaking out.

Apart from this, maintaining your car should come with precision and care. Make sure, you look into every aspect and component of the vehicle. This will help you to analyse its actual condition.

Bottom line: Be cautious

Tyre maintenance is an important part of vehicle care. You should clean your tyres regularly. Along with that, clean your car properly. Make sure that the glasses and windows are clean. This will help you to improve your driving experience.

When you purchase new tyres, make sure that the tyre size is of the correct value. Upsizing or downsizing can be fatal. Next, if you have faced puncture issues in the past, you need to make sure that post-puncture maintenance is taken care of.

You should check your tyres thoroughly after repairs. Also, make it a point to see if other Falken Tyres Sleaford are damaged or not. The first step to maintaining your vehicle and using it for a longer time is to ensure that you take care of it.

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