NGOs Strengthening the Education System in India

by Pooja Late so cut

When you need to start an NGO in India, it is more than just money. It requires a lot of hard work, support, a strong determination. It is also a kind of organization where it has many volunteers, social activities and those who have bigger hearts to help the people who are in need. Here in this blog, we are particularly going to discuss how this ngo help for education in India and lightens so many people's lives.


Why is an NGO actually needed?


India is still a growing country with the 2nd highest world population. The backbone of India's economy is agriculture, so it's quite common that many states in India will depend on agriculture as its main occupation. Sometimes due to lack of rainfall or any sort of climatic disaster, the regions which depend upon agriculture become a drought area, claiming many people's lives and worsening the economic conditions of many. So many parents are forced into a situation that education is meant for people with money and our kids are not going to be educated. In many cases, we may even notice in our tv ads that villages don't have a proper mode of transportation and this affects the most. Parents really look for children’s safety, rather than making them travel 100 miles to reach their schools daily. This education ngo in India actually aims at providing quality education to the children who can't continue their education due to their family poverty or due to non-accessibility.


Challenges faced by ngo’s


Money is the first and foremost challenge all these ngo’s are facing. Even though they have many volunteers who work without wages, at least their food and accommodation should be taken care of by these ngo’s. Apart from that, some children can afford the notebooks, but essentials like geometric books and each class book are difficult, so it is the responsibility of the ngo to supply these things. Some of the ngo’s even provide meals to the kids. Overcoming all these challenges many ngo help for education in our country.


Skill development workshops:


The main goal of the ngo’s is to offer the quality of education, apart from that they also conduct many workshops in order to improve their students' lifestyle. They also conduct many personality development classes to improve their leadership skills and how to properly communicate. Apart from this, these are spreading awareness among the parents why educating their children is a must and how their lives can be changed with education. They also provide counselling to the children and parents emphasizing the need for education.


Bottom Line: 

Educating a child means helping his whole family lead a happier life in the near future. Many education ngo in India help more people in the country directly or directly to support their education either at an elementary level or a college degree or getting a doctorate. So achieving the dream is not a big deal for these children too. Kudos to all the NGO’s who work hard to make the many people 

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