Corporate Social Responsibility & Sponsor for Education in India

by Pooja Late so cut

Corporate Social Responsibility in India is not a new concept. It has emerged as something that is now a global trend, which comprises of both corporations, civic society and the international organization at large. Corporate Social Responsibility refers to a form of business practice that involves taking initiatives that kind of benefit the society in return. Corporate Social Responsibility comprises of various tactics which could be, giving a company’s profit to charity.

Educating the girl child isn’t just an individual thing but every company and organization must be involved in this corporate social responsibility in India. Many companies have contributed to the sustainable growth in sponsoring the education of the girl child for many reasons and the following are some of them.

Earn a livelihood:  When you educate a girl child, you enable such to earn a living. It has been believed that employment isn’t dependent on intelligence or attainment alone. It can also be determined by the phase of the economic development of a country. The chances that someone who has been education will get a good job and with reasonable and sufficient income to earn a livelihood is high. Someone who is educated can quickly meet the basic financial and material needs of life.

Dignity and Honor: When you educate a girl child, you give her dignity and honor. Women are around the world are looked upon with a sense of dignity and honor. They have become a source of inspiration million of the girls.

Economic Empowerment: As long as women are backward and are dependent on men, this state of helplessness won’t change. Economic independence and empowerment can only come when we take the initiatives and observe the corporate social responsibility in India especially in creating programs that support the education of the girl child

Education to the girl child brings about independence and aid in economic development and prosperity they can come forward in contributing to the development and growth of the country. This can be witnessed all over the world were women are the driving force of the nation, from presidents to leaders of some of the top organizations.

Education of the girl child helps her to choose a career of her choice. This gives her the freedom to get equal opportunities as the male and contribute to her family. Finally, educating the girl child to make her independent help in alleviating poverty. The education of the girl is a pre-requisite to alleviate poverty. Women have to be treated equally and there can’t be many social and economic changes unless we educate the girl child to enable her to become independent from the male.

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Ryan Fred writes on the importance of educating the girl child and how many companies have contributed in their corporate social responsibility in India in ensuring that the girl child becomes independent and the importance

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