Methods Used by Schools in Kolkata to Encourage Students Read at Home

by BHS Mukundapur Team Best CBSE School in Kolkata

Good reading skills have multiple benefits. It helps students build vocabulary, enhance attention span and develop critical thinking. Teachers of reputed schools in Kolkata encourage students to read outside the syllabus. Though many think that it is difficult to read books outside huge syllabic, a little planning is what they need.

Figure out the reasons for disinterest in reading


Some of the top reasons why children don’t love reading include:


1.      Some children consider reading as a chore

2.      Some children face difficulty in reading

3.      Some children find reading to be boring

4.      Some children prefer reading books on particular topics


To find a solution, first, you need to figure out the challenges. Otherwise, you will continue beating around the bush. When you know why your children don’t love reading, you know how to motivate them. In that way, you know how to make reading fun and easier. 


Figure out the things that motivate you reading


We don’t have to make time for something we love doing. Some children don’t love reading. Rather than scolding them, it is better to figure out the reasons, for example, find out why your children hate reading. When you know the reasons for disinterest, you can easily find the clues for motivation.


Teachers in some of the best schools in Kolkata tell parents to focus on spending quality time with their children. Apart from many other ways, reading them stories at bedtimes strengthens the bond between parents and children.


When family members read together often, children learn first hand the joy of reading. Children develop motivation for reading. However, if parents believe that their children will grow natural inclination for reading because of this, we are sorry to say that it is not. Not every child processes information similarly. Some grow a love for reading while others don’t.


Methods used by teaching faculty to inculcate good reading habits in children

1.  Create ideal reading corners in your home: There is typically no restriction to decorate reading corners in your home. They should be airy, bright, cosy, peaceful and creative. If there is limited space in your home, no issue. Even a piece of space around a window can be an ideal reading corner.   

2.   Encourage reading everywhere in between: Reading goes beyond books. For example, when you visit some museums or herbariums, read out write-ups that mention historical artefacts or dried specimens of plants. Show your child that reading goes beyond books.    

3.      Set examples: Show your child that you love reading. Be role models. Make it a point to read alongside. Encourage them to read books while you browse through books, magazines or newspapers.    

4.   Draw parallels between the world of books and real-life: Books for children send out some messages. Help your children to identify situations where they can apply messages and come up with good results. It also teaches them about human virtues.

5.    Create a good collection of books: Home is the first school of man. Create collections of valuable books in your home. Build a taste for quality books.      

Top schools in Kolkata have libraries with precious collections of books. However, to build interest in reading, we need the contribution of parents.

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