Reasons Why the Best CBSE School in Kolkata Promotes Learning Maths with Abacus

by BHS Mukundapur Team Best CBSE School in Kolkata

Every parent wants their kids to reach great heights and achieve big goals in life. Education is a very important aspect in their lives, especially till the time they are in schools or colleges. Getting good grades is one part of this, but the bigger picture is overall development of the mind and body.

It is very important to acknowledge that the early phase of child development is one of the most crucial ones. They learn a lot of things in terms of emotions, social behavior and academics. Stressing a child with tons of lessons is never going to have a good impact. Keeping this in mind, schools in Kolkata are using modern techniques to impart knowledge. The use of abacus in one of the best CBSE schools in Kolkata is an example of this.

Abaci were traditionally used to work on numbers and are still considered one of the best ways to teach children mathematics. In this article, we will understand why abacus training is essential in junior classes and why should more parents adopt this.

A brief history of the abacus

Abacus was first used in Mesopotamia as early as the 2700 BC and was used in Russia, Greece, Japan, China and parts of Europe and Asia. Traditionally abaci were made of a wooden frame with beads. The design has not changed much over the years and present day abaci look more or less like their ancestors, only more colorful and often made with plastic. They are used as a counting aid and helps in doing several mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square and cube roots. The beads have certain values assigned to them and can be moved along the device using the index finger and thumb of one hand.

Getting used to abaci can be a little tricky at first but regular practice helps in getting better. People who use it can perform even complex calculations quicker than their counterparts who do it using numbers.

Benefits of using the abacus at schools

Let’s face it; most children are scared of maths and as adults too, many of us loathe it. One major reason is that using the traditional method, it is impossible to visualize numbers and the operations. However, when a child uses the abacus, he or she uses more than 2 senses. They can feel the beads while counting and see the movement of beads. This helps them to visualize a mathematical operation and it becomes easier to perform even complex problems this way.

Some of the other benefits are-

·         It allows for quicker counting and improves mathematical intelligence.

·         Improves endurance and pressure management.

·         Betters problem solving abilities.

·         Sharpens visual and hearing senses.

·         Improves memory and concentration.

·         Improves logic and reasoning skills.

·         It has an impact on photographic memory and helps to enhance it.

·         Improves the motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

One major advantage of this technique is the simplicity of the device. The beads are colourful and appeals to children more than numbers. Children perceive the device as a play toy and the chances of boredom reduces manifold.

 If taught early, using the abacus is very easy and definitely makes calculations fun. A lot of good CBSE schools in Kolkata have maths labs where they teach the abacus. So, why not get your child enrolled in one such?

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