Masonic rings - Indication of commitment and obligation for Freemasons

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The inception of Freemasonry dates back to 18th century and till now has a long list of esteemed members that would make any organization proud. This fraternity is a perfect example of brotherly love, fellowship and mutual help. Every member in the organization is given a certain level of respect knowing the fact that high standards are followed in building their membership. Masons are and continually aim to be outstanding citizens of their communities and help keep the world a better place. Everything a Mason does or dons has a relevance to the brotherhood's mission. This makes Masonic regalia, pieces of high significance as only a chosen few are seen fit to wear regalia.

There are various types of regalia including aprons, gloves, cufflinks, rings, ties, jewels, pendants, pocket watch, and many more. Different Masonic symbols and emblems are embossed on these regalia depicting significant meanings. A person wearing regalia signifies that he is a member of this fraternal organization and what it has taken to be a Freemason. Only people with high intellectual, moral and emotional caliber are considered worthy of being a part of this organization. Regalia represent what a true Mason really stands for. 

One of the most important pieces of regalia is the Masonic rings. It helps other brethren to recognize your personal Lodge membership and degree you hold in the organization. Masonic rings are very significant jewelry pieces that have signs and symbols embossed on them that hold important meanings in Freemasonry. Masonic rings are crafted in many different metals. The variety is huge and a Mason can purchase according to his choice and budget. Masons can buy Masonic gold ring, Best Silver Masonic Ring, platinum Masonic ring, stainless steel Masonic ring among many others. A Masonic ring is a reminder of the bond that the Freemason shares with the fraternity and the values and ethics that it preaches. The Masonic rings are a visual indication of the member’s dedication towards Freemasonry. The circular shape of the ring signifies eternity of the circle and a complete cycle. Like all other rings, they serve as a commitment and obligation. These rings are used to authenticate the membership of the Freemasons and their commitment towards the brotherhood. The ring’s signet also helps in identifying the level and rank the Freemason hold within his Lodge.  

They can bear different types of symbols. The most commonly seen out of all is the square and the compass symbol. This is the standard symbol associated with all the Masonic Lodges. There are other symbols as well that are associated to various orders in Freemasonry and are just specific to them.

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