Top Masonic Symbols on Custom Pin Badges and their Relevance in the Freemasonry Society

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What are masonic symbols?


Masonic symbols have their relevance in the freemasonry society. Everything crafted by freemasons left their initials on it which is known as the recognition of their work. Whether it is the custom pin badges in the UK or the best men's masonic rings, initials of masonic symbols were always there which represented them at the lodge and in the society as a mason.


Types of masonic symbols


  1. The compass and the square: This freemason symbol is the most common freemason symbol as it is often visible above the doorway of lodges. The compass represents self-restraint for desires which showcases morality and wisdom. The Square and Compass both showcase maintaining personal desires and passion while maintaining morality.


  1. The All-Seeing Eye: This symbol represents that god is always present and witnessing everybody’s actions and capable of knowing your thoughts. This symbol is also known as the eye of providence.


  1. The letter G: This letter is often seen in the center of the square and compass symbols on metal railings outside of lodges. The letter G represents both God and Geometry which is relevant for the freemasonry society 


  1. The Beehive: From the meaning of this word it is visible that this symbol represents a group working together and putting an effort together as a team to make a task successful.



  1. The Gavel: This symbol on the custom pin badge in the UK represents two things in Freemasonry, to begin with, the authority member wielding it is a senior member of a lodge who uses the gavel to keep orders and punctuate sessions.


Relevance of custom pin badges in the UK


All the symbols have their unique meaning and they represent different ideas and values. The recognizable symbols of freemasonry represent knowledge and truth. While attending the lodge or an event these symbols on your custom pin badges and best men’s masonic rings reflects your identity as a mason in your community.



Types of men’s masonic rings


The masonic rings were made of precious metals, enamel, and gems. The different types of masonic rings include Blue lodge rings, Past master rings, Scottish rite rings, York rite rings, Shrine rings, and Eastern star rings. The best men’s masonic rings represent the “eternity of the circle” The relevance of the mason ring also carries the meaning of a representation of the member’s loyalty and brotherhood.


1.     The Knights Templar Ring: this ring signifies the freemasonry’s lineage claim who defended Christian crusaders during their pilgrimages to the holy land.

2.     The Scottish rite ring: Masons can wear the 14th-degree ring after receiving the degree of grand elect mason.

3.     The Shriner ring: the emblem on this Shriner ring represents the phrase “Robur et Furor” which means “strength and fury.”


Development of masonic ring


Wearing the best men’s masonic rings in ancient times was different and the technology changed according to the time however the relevance of the masonic ring wouldn’t change. So, if you are heading to your next lodge you can buy your custom pin badges in the UK and the best men’s masonic rings from the masonic collection.

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