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Symbols have a special place in the history of Freemasonry. Freemasons across the globe are known for their ornate lodges and regalia including their officer apron, candidates' clothing, and royal arch masonic ring. Freemasons are believed to be the oldest fraternal organisation across the globe. There are more than 6 billion freemasons in the world. One of the prominent ways to show membership and respect towards the community is by carrying symbols in hats, cufflinks, antique masonic rings, and gloves. Every masonic symbol has some meaning and value attached to it. One of the famous symbols is the square and compass symbol. This article talks about the history and significance of masonic rings and online portals where you can get an antique masonic ring for yourself or someone close to your heart.

The history of masonic rings

Are you aware of the history of masonic rings? Masonic rings are a version of signet rings used for revealing masonic membership. It has symbols that signify continued loyalty to the oldest fraternal organisation in the world. Antique masonic rings for the present times have a long history. It all dates back to the middle ages when documents were stamped in wax for authentication. Antique rings in those times were worn by royalty, noblemen, and other officials.

Many years later, people from the masonic community started wearing rings. The rings were simple and had masonic signs cut into the face of the ring. Gradually, it becomes a gesture to show respect and loyalty towards the community. In present times, people of the community wear antique masonic rings and royal arch masonic rings with daily wear and formal attires during the events.  The list of various types of masonic rings includes master mason rings, past master rings, Scottish rite rings, and eastern star rings.

Meaning and significance of masonic rings

Antique masonic rings with different symbols have several meanings. One of them is associated with the circular shape of the ring. It represents the eternity of the circle or the bond of a mason with his community. This is derived from early homo sapiens who too associated the meaning of wedding rings with the eternal bond between two partners. Another meaning of masonic rings is the representation of members’ loyalty to their fraternity and authenticity.

Masonic rings in present times

The practice of wearing and gifting antique masonic rings is relevant to date. The size, shape, and style of rings have been transformed as per the fashion trends. If you are someone who adores historical rings, the right place to get them is online Masonic Regalia. The online platform offers an assortment of Masonic Rings, like Silver Band Masonic Ring, Masonic Masons Signet Ring, Masonic Silver Freemasons Signet Ring, Knights Templar Masonic Ring Two Toned, etc. that define true creativity, detailing, and flawlessness. The rings carry the most acknowledged symbol of Freemasonry, the Square, and Compasses with ‘G’ at the centre. You can get one for yourself or someone passionate about the loyalty of the community. 

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