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Freemasonry is a fraternal organization and it’s a great honor for its members to be a part of this. Men of all faith can be part of this organization and Lodges with members of a mixed religious background prominently feature the religious books of all those culture. To exemplify their feelings and commitment towards their fraternity, Freemasons wear different types of Masonic regalia and jewelry. Back to 18th century when this organization came into existence, Masonic jewelry also came into scene. Earlier, Stone Masons used to wear them and these jewelry pieces were part of their attire.  Masonic regalia are quite popular till date and are used by Masons worldwide as they are unique and known for their significance.

When a new member is exalted in the Freemasonry, he is then deemed worthy of being wearing Masonic jewelry. There are various types of jewelry such as rings, cufflinks, pocket watches etc. The most traditional among all jewelry pieces is the signet ring. All the different types of jewelry bear Masonic symbols and emblems on them. Later on, as the Mason progresses in the fraternity, he is awarded breast jewels and pin badges. Even most of the Masonic regalia can be customized such as Pin Badges Custom made, rings among others.     

This fraternity is known for its exclusivity and has a rich history of symbolism at its core. All the Masonic regalia and jewelry have many symbols embossed on them that are used in the world of Freemasonry. The most commonly used symbol amongst all the symbols of this fraternity is the Square and Compass symbol. A common man may not have the understanding about all the Masonic symbols but a Freemason has. Apart from Masonic regalia, these symbols can be often seen on Masonic literature and rituals.

The Masonic jewelry is usually made of gold or silver. They can be simply or intricately designed. The pieces that are intricately designed tend to get dirtier soon. For cleaning gold pieces, you can soak them in soapy water and scrub with a soft brush. The pieces that have synthetic colored parts, do not soak them instead wipe them with wet soft cloth. For cleaning and sterling silver jewelry pieces, only use the cleansers that are developed for cleaning of silver metal.

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