Masonic Regalia and its importance in Freemasonry

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Freemasonry is the oldest fraternal organization in the world and dates back to the 18th century. It is run by men who are bonded by moral and spiritual values irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. The foundation of this organization lies in the principle that God is the architect of the world. Members of this organization believe in brotherhood, charity, care, truth, tolerance and mutual respect for others.

Freemasons wear Masonic Regalia to signify their devotion to the core values that this fraternity believes in. These regalia are highly valued by the Masons and they wear them to the meetings, ceremonies, functions, and parties. There are various types of regalia including aprons, rings, gloves, cufflinks, jewels, ties, medallions and ceremonial clothing and many more. These regalia have Masonic symbols and emblems embarked on them and represent brotherhood, belief, and faith.

Importance of Regalia in Freemasonry:

They Represent the Organization

Masonic Regalia are an instant representation of the Freemasonry and what it stands for. All the different types of regalia bear the most important symbols of this fraternal organization. Every logo, emblem or symbol in Freemasonry depicts the Brotherhood's history and roots.


They Represent a Degree of Exclusivity

All Masonic Regalia also represent the exclusivity that this brotherhood is proud of. People with a high degree of intellect, morality, and maturity can only become a member of this organization and not just anyone can become a Freemason. It takes being extraordinary to be a part of this brotherhood.  

They Represent What a Freemason Stands For

Masonic Regalia have symbols of Freemasonry on them and it depicts that the person wearing them has come from a long line of people and has shown excellence in their intellectual, moral and emotional capabilities. These symbols show what a Freemason really is.


Lodge Regalia

Freemasons meet in meetings at premises known as Lodges. Several different Lodges and other Masonic organizations use the same premises at different times for meetings or ceremonies. Some Grand Lodges have an office called Grand Pursuivant and it is their duty to announce all the applicants for admission into the Grand Lodge by their names and titles. They are guided to attend all the meetings of the Grand Lodge, to take charge of the jewels and regalia of the Grand Lodge and to perform all other duties as may be required by the Grand Master or presiding officer. Every Lodge has its significant Lodge Regalia which is different from other Lodges. They regalia include aprons, jewels, ceremonial valuables, and other items.


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