Know More about The Astrology Remedies For Business Growth In Your Life

by Vinay Singh Writer

How many times have you seen businesses going bust despite everything being in place? Quite a few times, right! Be it the resources, skills, workforce, and space, a business may or may not grow further because of certain astrological factors as specified in Vedic Astrology. Yes! There are certain astrological arrangements in your birth-chart/horoscope that govern the chances of business growth, beyond the realms of physical world. Therefore, if you are keen to know how to increase business growth as per horoscope, you might want to start with business astrology.

Your horoscope has specific planetary combinations that are important for the progress of your business venture. Sometimes, these combinations are favorable and, at other times, they are unfavorable with respect to your endeavor. Similarly, there are astrology remedies for business growth as well. These remedies put a positive impact on the growth of your company and help you achieve the desired level of success.

Planetary Combinations for Business Growth

Planetary combination, arrangement of various planets within the 12 Houses in your astrological birth chart, is a pivotal factor when it comes to progress in your career as a businessman. A few examples in this regard are -

1.       The 3rd House, the house of initiatives, imparts you with courage that is the most important trait required for overcoming various challenges that a businessman faces in the path of growth.

2.       The 7th House, as per Vedic Astrology, is the most significant as it is the main house to guide your life as a businessman.

3.       The 10th House is the House of Career and, therefore, significant for the growth of your business, if you are a businessman. This House also represents the amount of social status and fame that you’ll enjoy as part of your career.

4.       The 11th House, which represents financial success in your life, is also essential because, ultimately, it signifies how much money you are going to make as a businessman.

Astrology Remedies for Business Growth

Take a look at some astrological remedies to help you achieve prosperity in your business -

1.       Pray to Goddess Laxmi on Fridays by lighting 9 ghee lamps at your home temple.

2.       Regularly clean the place of worship at your business workplace with Gangajal.

3.       Place a picture of Vastu Aishwarya Laxmi on your front door, in the N-E corner.

4.       In your business establishment, draw a swastika in the place of worship, keep a fistful of chana dal over it along with some jiggery. Light a ghee lamp near it on Thursdays.

5.       Place little amounts of sea salt in a few small bowls at your shop, showroom, go-down, or office.

6.       You can also think of drawing a swastika right on top of the entrance to your business establishment.

Though these astrology remedies for business growth are not a foolproof plan towards prosperity in life, following these, under the able guidance of an experienced astrologer like Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, is sure going to help you overcome all the major and minor challenges that you may encounter as a businessman. As said earlier, the growth of your business is dependent upon a number of factors, apart from those present in your horoscope. But while you can control the factors apart from the astrological ones, you might need some help with the reasons for business growth lying in your birth-chart. That can be done only with the help of an ace astrologer like Dr. Bajrangi. If you feel you are stuck in your business, despite taking care of everything else, maybe it is time to take care of your astrological situation now.

If you need help to navigate this complex world, you can connect with Dr. Bajrangi on or contact his office on +91 9278665588/9278555588.

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