Key Lead Generation Strategies to look for in 2022

by Buana Sari Digital Marketer

The world is at the tail end of 2021 and this is the time for businesses to plan what will set them up for success in 2022. A sound lead generation strategy — along with lead conversion and sales — are paramount to that success.

For businesses, the challenge still lies in having access to a steady stream of leads. Recent studies reveal the fact that adequate lead generation is one of the biggest challenges for global businesses in 2022 and beyond. Marketers are worried as lead capturing becomes more challenging now with most Google search results pages becoming saturated with promotional lead magnets. Depending on the tool being used to secure leads, lead generation encompasses a gamut of campaigns and strategies. 

In 2022 new tools and technologies will transform the way customers perceive, learn, engage, and transact. Modern technologies like moLotus are already assisting businesses to generate more leads quickly and effectively and will be considered the top tenet of digital lead generation in 2022. moLotus not only captures the leads but also converts the leads via a host of targeted campaigns offering multiple call-to-actions, ultimately generating high ROI.  

Here are the key lead generation strategies to look for in 2022 :

  1. Focus on Mobile Videos

Mobile Videos help brands to stand out from the competition, and they are unique in that they can offer valuable information to prospective customers without asking them for anything in return. Video lead generation via technology like moLotus is a great way to send your prospects a personalized video message to customers in 2022!

By investing time into creating high-quality mobile videos, brands can tell their stories in a compelling way that generates more leads. With the use of HQ mobile videos upto 40 sec., businesses will be able to create trust with their customers, letting them know that they are behind the product. moLotus video messages offer prospective customers the opportunity to visualize how the product will work for them. Brands can guide customers throughout their buying journey by providing valuable content that is easy to digest. They can easily and clearly demonstrate the benefits of products and services. In turn, this could increase engagement and decrease cart abandonment especially in case of mobile commerce. moLotus video advertising is helping more and more brands generate more leads as opposed to other channels. Experts highly recommend checking out moLotus mobile video advertising for lead generation in 2022.

  1. Embrace Hyper-personalization

Researchers predict that brands will have a higher chance of getting and converting leads in 2022 if they use customer data like name, address, etc. to personalize campaigns. They should use personalized communication regardless of what industry they are in. New age mobile advertising technology like moLotus will mostly be preferred by brands offering hyper-personalization options such as name, greeting, reward, etc. By creating hyper-personalized campaigns advertisers will be better equipped to engage their customers and capture more leads. Noteworthy is the fact that the platform hyper-personalizes the campaigns using customer data and reaches directly to the customer’s mobile message inbox, without requiring any app or data charges.

  1. Use Interactive Communication

In 2022 interactive communication will be the foundation to performance based lead generation. Studies show that moLotus marketing campaigns with superior call-to-action attract more leads than other campaign types. Therefore, it is advisable for brands to embrace moLotus interactive advertisements enabled with advanced customer response options like SMS, call back, clickable links and more. Platforms, offering such options as moLotus, etc, are already top of the chart for brands working seriously on lead generation.

  1. Customize Campaigns

In 2022, customized campaigns would top the chart for lead generation. Therefore more brands are creating customized campaigns using tools like moLotus to reach out to the consumers, ensuring more leads. 2022 would see moLotus assisting more brands in targeting different languages, demography, etc. Interestingly, it is the best platform that leverages customer data at micro-levels maximizing lead and revenue generation for businesses.

  1. Reward Loyalty

In 2022, more brands are expected to discover the tremendous lead generation potential in mobile based rewards & loyalty campaigns. Such campaigns designed using robust tools like moLotus would improve customer experience with brands, building better rapport, and offering a solid reason to stay connected with them. Rewarding loyalty becomes easier with moLotus videos upto 40-sec. These campaigns are capable of engaging loyal customers, greeting & rewarding them while increasing the possibility of converting them into fresh leads.

  1. Focus More on Upselling & Cross-selling

Promoting additional products or services digitally to existing customers throws up new lead generation opportunities for brands. In 2022 upselling and cross-selling happen to be the key lead generation strategies for businesses aiming at increasing customer demand. New technologies like moLotus help in running upselling and cross-selling campaigns for them. They can easily get more leads by creating uniquely designed upselling and cross-selling video campaigns, targeting massive customer databases, and maximizing average revenue per customer.

  1. Prioritize Customer Convenience

In 2022, Millennials and Gen-Z customers have a different set of rules and expectations from brands. Driven by technology and on-demand approach, these generations of customers have grown up with marketing channels and services that are available at a single click, anytime and anywhere. True convenience, in a digital landscape, is being offered by platforms like moLotus adding significantly to lead generation. Customers viewing moLotus mobile ads can easily and conveniently understand the products and services. They can digitally conduct any necessary product research without being pressured to make a quick decision. Also, customers who don't need to deal with pushy salespeople as moLotus mobile videos require no face-to-face interaction. 

  1. Use Story-telling

Research reveals that brand storytelling shortens the time taken by customers to understand the value that brands bring to them and it also tells why they should buy from a particular brand. Brand stories are in contrast to statistics and facts as customers relate to them better and quickly catch their attention. Storytelling via tools like moLotus will be one of the most used techniques for lead generation in 2022.  Brands can easily tell their stories and generate leads via moLotus as it enhances story-telling by offering HQ videos that remain in the customer’s mobile inbox until he/she voluntarily deletes them. Noteworthy is the fact that moLotus is the only proven non-spammy mobile video customer interaction platform.

  1. Use Deep Customer Intelligence

The challenge of generating high quality leads has been understanding the target audience and their needs and motivations. A list of prospect names and contact details with no intelligence around their needs and interests is of no help for businesses. In 2022, accurate, up-to-date and compliant data would be vital for any successful lead generation campaign. moLotus technology would emerge as the key source of customer intelligence for brands adding to successful lead generation. The technology uses customer data with superior customer intelligence; targeting customer data based on diverse business criteria, demographics, interaction, etc. to generate customer insights enabling brands to create and send hyper-personalized and customized content to their customers.

  1. Performance Analysis

Conducting a lead generation performance analysis is indispensable for optimizing lead generation processes, campaigns, and programs. In 2022, breakthrough tools like moLotus will simplify the process, offering the opportunity to directly measure the lead generation campaigns’ performance. It enables brands to tweak their lead generation campaigns in real-time, and fine-tune them. With access to real-time analytics, brands are able to enhance video campaign performance, optimize effectively, and, thus, secure more leads.


If your brand is looking to level up your lead generation efforts and boost results in 2022, you would be intrigued by moLotus lead generation potential and all it offers in terms of generating new revenue streams. moLotus would be giving advertisers the best opportunity to plan better, pay per leads, track performance, and discover new customer acquisition opportunities. You can now design the lead magnet innovatively and earn more revenues at low costs. moLotus’s lead campaigns mark the new standard for digital marketing in 2022.

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