Top Ten Ways to Boost Revenue via Mobile Advertising in 2022

by Buana Sari Digital Marketer

At the beginning of 2022, global businesses are hit by major impacts of the pandemic slump followed by social distancing and nationwide lockdowns. They are struggling to keep their financial wheels turning due to inadequate revenue generation and coping-up with the general uncertainty. It is difficult for businesses to ascertain how long this pandemic will last with new Covid variants coming in. The volatile market scenario calls for re-visiting the revenue management strategies

Advertising offers the key to generate revenues. In the past businesses have been heavily relying on age-old forms of advertising like Television, Print Media, Hoardings, Billboards, etc. The advent of digital advertising has drastically changed the scenario. Digital ad media has almost outpaced the traditional media. In recent times, mobile advertising has disrupted digital  advertising with customers spending more time on mobile devices. In order to cater to the changing consumer habits, businesses have started adopting mobile advertising strategies and revenue models. 

Research reveals that revenues from mobile ads have jumped considerably during the pandemic. Experts are of the opinion that Investing in strategic mobile advertising campaigns can be a profitable strategy as mobile users spend 71% of their mobile usage time browsing the internet. (Source: Adespresso)  

In this new world, the businesses getting into mobile advertising for more revenues, are at the right place. Here are the top ten ways to boost business revenue via mobile advertising in 2022 :

1. Increasing Brand Exposure & Awareness

The revenue generation process marks the beginning of a focused brand awareness drive. It is understandable that businesses investing considerable time, effort, and money into a new product development can not wait to showcase it. They can’t halt marketing efforts and place their new product on the shelf, presuming consumers will discover it on their own.

In 2022, traditional advertising channels like wall displays, magazine ads, and banners don’t go far. Businesses should position their message in front of the busy and distracted audience when it matters most. Mobile advertising helps them in doing that resulting in more sales and revenue. Interestingly over 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new brand or product via mobile (Source: Shopkick). Unique brand awareness campaigns offered by modern moLotus technology and platform have added to high margin revenues and greater advertising ROI. 

2. Using Demographic & Language-based Targeting

In 2022, mobile advertising will equip businesses better with the ability to target audiences based on demography and language to ultimately generate more revenue. With demographic and language-based segmentation, they can optimize marketing efforts in specific regions. moLotus mobile ads make it possible for businesses to target different demographics and languages seamlessly. They are capable of targeting specific customers they think are likely to buy their product or services. Businesses can use customer data such as age and interests to fine-tune your ad campaigns.

3. Enhancing Reach & Scalability

An advertising rule of thumb suggests that the more the advertisement reaches, the more is the revenue generation opportunity. In 2022, businesses can easily reach millions of consumers at the same time via mobile ads. New-age mobile ad tools like moLotus now offer massive reach and global scalability. Interestingly, the spam-free technology quickly delivers automated ads to huge customer databases directly into their mobile inbox spiraling more revenue opportunities. 

4. Achieving More Conversion & Lead Generation

Recent studies show that mobile based lead generation campaigns will prove to be more powerful and effective in revenue generation this year. Mobile lead generation campaigns have been successful in quickly prompting the consumer to buy a product or service.  

The innovative and moLotus video lead generation campaigns will help more businesses to attract more customers to their products this year. They can use many customer interaction options provided by the technology platform in the campaigns, adding more contextual value. 

The moLotus mobile ads build trust among the customers and generate more leads and revenue. Further, these ads increase product sales manifolds adding to revenues. They have proved to be an excellent way of increasing brand recall too as consumers tend to remember the mobile video advertisements they watched within a month. 

5. Emphasizing on Upselling and Cross-selling 

Innovative businesses have seen high margin revenue opportunities amidst uncertainty by resorting to mobile-based upsell and cross-sell campaigns. They should quickly adopt mobile advertising tools like moLotus in 2022 to maximize their revenue via upselling and cross-selling ad campaigns. Innovative businesses already have created services or products for upselling and cross-selling that their customers need during this pandemic. They are using moLotus upsell and cross-sell campaigns and augmenting their average revenue per customer.

6. Thrust on Superior Customer Interaction

Researchers are of the opinion that 2022 is a suitable time for brands to connect with more customers about not only products and services, but also about their new uses, keeping in view the present situation. Undoubtedly, better interaction helps build trust and confidence resulting in increased revenue generation. Therefore it is imperative for businesses to create informative and interactive mobile ad campaigns with multiple response options like SMS, Callback, Click URL, etc. via innovative advertising platforms like moLotus. Moreover the platform offers a wide variety of rich media formats including video, dynamic greetings, brochure, slideshow and showcase. Brand advertisers can create attractive storyboards, add product pictures, voice-over and music, and HQ videos upto 40 sec. 

7. Prioritizing Advertising Cost Optimization

This year global businesses are aiming at advertising cost optimization for enhancing ad revenues. Mobile advertising via tools like moLotus will help them in the creation of cost-effective campaigns. Digital platforms like Facebook are not being preferred by brands on account of burgeoning advertising costs. moLotus is an economical and effective alternative to such digital advertising tools. It is the best option for businesses to reach customers on their phones at a less cost without relying on any app download or active internet connection.

8. Sending More Personalized Content

In 2022 hyper-personalization will be the key driver of mobile advertising revenue generation. Recent McKinsey research suggests that personalization drives a 5 to 15 per cent increase in revenue and a 10 to 30 per cent increase in marketing-spend efficiency — predominantly by deploying personalized product recommendations via mobile ads. Hence, businesses should use their customer data to target customers through personalized offers, recommendations, offers and other messages to increase conversion and sales revenue.

moLotus platform would be ideal for sending hyper-personalized ads to their customers for superior engagement and revenue generation. Furthermore, moLotus tailors the brand's messages exclusively according to customer name and other relevant customer data.

9. Focusing on advertising automation

Mobile advertising is empowering businesses to transform every aspect of ad creation and delivery into a highly automated system. In 2022 businesses need to focus on embracing the right tool and technology like moLotus to create an end-to-end automated ad campaign. By automating ad campaigns, they can certainly earn more in the form of high margin revenues. 

This year marketing automation technology is more likely to evolve with the pandemic round the corner. The breakthrough automation capabilities of tools like moLotus would be meeting the financial expectations of brand advertisers. Noteworthy is the fact that the entire customer-related process right from lead generation, customer onboarding, customer support, loyalty, feedback and more can be automated by moLotus.

10. Using Real-time Performance Analysis

To ensure hike in top-line and bottom-line businesses require well-managed, analysed and optimized ad campaigns. Businesses need to  be well-equipped with real-time progressive trackers. Mobile advertising platforms like moLotus will ensure more effective real-time ad tracking in 2022. The new technology will go a long way in managing, analyzing and optimizing the mobile campaigns. Recent surveys show that top advertisers are optimizing campaign performances via moLotus’s real-time tracker and generating better revenues.


2022 brings good news for brand advertisers! The mobile advertising market will reach USD 408.58 Billion by 2026 accompanied by a tremendous growth in ad revenue generation (Source: Fortune Business Insights). Businesses should explore various mobile advertising revenue models to earn high margin revenues via moLotus mobile advertising. moLotus stands out to be the only real mobile advertising platform contributing the best revenue-return opportunity even in the current volatile economic scenario.

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