Key Benefits of Security through Biometric Authentication Technology

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Even nowadays there are people who aren’t familiar with biometric technology; it sounds very remote, scientific, and complicated process for them. But the truth is that we are witnessing it more in our daily lives and soon it is going to replace passwords or door keys.

Before delving into the benefits or any other concept of biometric authentication technology, first, we need to understand its definition.
What is Biometric?

Biometrics is the method of recognizing humans based on their unique physiological or behavioral traits. The process is not at all complicated, just like we recognize people in our day-to-day routine, but we do it, without notice. Our physical appearance, the way we walk, our voices, and even the shape of our ears can be used as biometric indicators. But, the most common biometrics are;

●    Fingerprint
●    Retina
●    Voice Recognition

Nowadays, biometric security systems are becoming the key factor in multifactor authentication. Earlier, the James Bond series used biometrics as the key factor of recognition and people said it can happen only in Bond movies, not in reality. But, nowadays, we are using our faces and fingerprints to unlock our phones, at least 40 times a day. Biometrics is playing an important role in the regular attendance, tracking of the authentication process, and even the metering time limits. Even for small-scale companies like startups and supermarts, business owners are using biometrics for their attendance and time check-in.

Let us look at some of the key benefits associated with the growing component of multifactor authentication developed by the top biometrics service providers in India:

Quick and Accurate Identification

Using passwords and codes for logins is simple yet generic. Anyone with a password or authentication token can gain access. But, in the case of biometric authentication technology, biological passcodes cannot be forged - which means accurate identification and authentication of the specific individuals. Iris or facial recognition is becoming an inseparable part of the security process because scanning is a quick and easy process.

Easy Accountability

When there is precise information of accesses, it exceeds the responsibility of the firm. In case of unfortunate events, there are proofs of confirmation backed by data that can be presented as evidence. The data is easily configurable, can be analyzed anytime, and reported as required.

Highly Efficient

Every organization requires highly efficient security and access systems. Biometric authentication technology doesn’t only empower security, but it makes it easier to manage key functions such as attendance for payroll. It is helpful for those organizations where identification cards aren’t required.


Convenience and quick access are essential factors for biometric verification. There is no need to reset passwords once an employee is not in the system. Just delete the authentication and everything is secured. Once the biometric test is activated, all fingerprints, iris, and facial recognition are done, employees are good to go. It is super convenient to log the data and audit it accordingly.

Growth Centric

As companies evolve, data security becomes an essential factor. Biometric authentication technology developed by the top biometrics service providers in India is scalable and flexible. It can accommodate and accept additional data from the employees. This means security grows as the firm scales.

Profitable and Secure

Once the biometric system is integrated, there is no additional requirement for investment. This helps in the cost-cutting of the daily expenditures and these systems are highly secured in preventing loss due to fraud and illegal entries. This helps to save money and drive profitability.

User Friendly

You don't require highly skilled IT resources to operate the biometric system. Managing and analyzing biometric verification is user-friendly. It provides technological and accurate results with minimum intervention. New data can be entered quickly and logs can be quickly analyzed. Once the table of entry and exit is created, it is easy to study and manage.


Biometrics is a technology that is rapidly growing and becoming an essential factor of the security infrastructure and multifactor authentication – providing quick and easy verification, audit logs, and analysis. These systems are proving to be an important factor as the industry is becoming highly critical and complex and we should be ready to expect something more secure and foolproof in the future.

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